Scientific Mobilization in Şehitkamil Campaign So far, 2,000,540 students have participated in scientific activities in martyrkamil.

The Municipality of Şehitkamil is carrying out an activity that will raise awareness of “science” among students residing in rural areas. To date, 2 thousand 540 students have participated in the activities where theoretical and practical training has been given to students in the rural areas of the district.
The municipality of Şehitkamil, which has made significant investments for the future with its projects and studies for education, combines the activities of Bilim Şehitkamil, located in the city center, with the students from rural areas. Science Şehitkamil, which originated within the Municipality of Şehitkamil with the aim of “A Producing Technology from Turkey”, not only supports the scientific studies of students of all ages, from primary school to university, but also trains the scientists of the new future. With the project, which aims to raise awareness and find new talent by providing technical education and material support, visits are made to schools in the countryside. The trainings, which have benefited a total of 2,540 students residing in rural areas, will take place in schools located throughout the rural district. The last address of instructors in Bilim Şehitkamil was Atabek Secondary School. The trainers first provided theoretical training. Then, the practical training phase was launched. For students; My diligent organs, mystery cells, pop art, pencil work, symmetry, rocket, solar system, mystery bracelet and zeotrope workshop activities took place. At the end of the activity, the pupils; Gifts such as pens, notepads, bags were given.
Assessing the event, Atabek Secondary School Principal Mehmet Ali Öğüt noted the following:
“We came to visit our school from Bilim Şehitkamil. They inform our classrooms. Science education will educate our children. We; we attach importance to such events, to increase cooperation and solidarity between the institutions. In this context, we would like to thank our trainers who teach our children today. We would like to thank our municipality of Şehitkamil, our mayor of Şehitkamil and everyone who provided this service. We want more such events to take place in our rural neighborhoods. Because our children really don’t have such opportunities. In other words, they are less likely to individually participate in such events. Therefore, if such activities are carried out within our municipality, awareness will be created among our children. I think this awareness is also important for the future of our children.
“I am very curious about the planets”
Buse Tütüncüoğlu, a 7th grade student who participated in the events, said, “My biggest goal is to be an astronaut. I am very curious about planets. Of course, since we are in a village environment, it is difficult for us to have more information on the planets. Today, thanks to our teachers from Bilim Şehitkamil, I discovered the planets. Our teachers explained all the planets to us in detail. Many questions in my mind about the planets have been resolved. This information will make a great contribution to my educational life in the future. I will never forget the information I got from here. I hope I will work hard to become an astronaut, which is my biggest goal, and I will achieve my goal. I would like to thank our teachers, Bilim Şehitkamil, who gave us these trainings.
“We learned a lot about space”
Expressing that his biggest goal is aerospace engineering, 7th grader Enes Batuhan Gelcikoğlu said, “I want to be an aerospace engineer, which is my biggest dream when I grow up. Of course, I had difficulties because I didn’t know much about space science. Fortunately, our teachers from Bilim Şehitkamil came to our school today. In a friendly atmosphere, our teachers gave us detailed information on space sciences. Thanks to our teachers, we learned a lot about space. I hope I want to improve myself in the best way to become an aerospace engineer. I believe I will achieve this goal as well. I would like to thank our Municipality of Şehitkamil for giving us such a great day.

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