(SUMMARY) Beşiktaş – Fenerbahçe match result: 1-1 – Beşiktaş (BJK)

The 36th week of Super League was the scene of a great derby. In the match where everything is played on the pitch in the name of football, Beşiktaş, struggling to stay in the European hoop under Valerien Ismael, hosted Fenerbahçe, who had a nice advantage on their way to the Champions League with İsmail Kartal.

Changed in 1 minute!

The giant game started with tension and a goal. In the 2nd, İrfan Can remained on the ground with the substance coming from the stands. Larin prevented the goal at 4, Novak did not forgive this time at 6, took Fenerbahçe 1-0 at Dolmabahçe. Scoring the goal 1 minute later, Novak takes a penalty this time! Michy Batshuayi, who was in charge of the ball, aimed for the penalty on the post in the 8th. On the 29th, Novak again provoked a penalty with his intervention against Kenan Karaman. At 31, this time Rachid Ghezzal goes on stage and scores his goal: 1-1.

The poles did not allow

Beşiktaş started the second half quickly. At 47, Larin couldn’t pass goalkeeper Altay at the post he was facing, and at 50, he found himself stuck on the post of the Canadian header! After that minute, although there were mostly reciprocal attacks from Beşiktaş, there were no other derby goals.

European opportunities…

With the result, Black Eagle took their score to 55 and Europe’s chances were in question with two weeks remaining. Fenerbahce also moved up to 69 points, but lost that important advantage with 2 dropped points. However, the Yellow-Navy Blues still held on to second place.

The Vodafone Park stadium is sold out in the giant derby… The Blacks and the Whites have sold all the tickets, they are giving their full support to Black Eagle in the derby.


aArda Brothers, the referee of the fight, gave the first whistle, the giant derby began.


2nd‘ When the foreign substance thrown from the stands hit İrfan Can’s head, the national player remained on the ground.


4‘ Mert Hakan took a free kick from the left of midfield, the ball was suddenly in front of Zajc, the Slovenian footballer thought of the post away from the left diagonal of the penalty area, the ball hit Larin on the way to the goal, a corner!


6‘ Fenerbahce used the corner, hit the ball, which was removed from the penalty area, when Ferdi arrived, the ball that hit Serdar was suddenly in front of Novak, the Czech player chased Ersin in a facing position and put Fenerbahçe 1-0 ahead.


7After kick-off, Beşiktaş played the long ball, Batshuayi lowered his head back, Novak, who scored the goal that just gave Fenerbahçe the lead 1-0 in the Novak-Larin fight at inside the penalty area, caused a penalty.


8‘ Batshuayi, who was leading the ball in leather, wanted to send the ball into the net from the right of Altay, but he aimed the ball towards the post!

9‘ The giant derby started with a lot of action!

11th‘ Rıdvan crossed the ground from the left wing, Larin was about to put the point over the penalty spot when Ferdi, who came from behind, slipped and interfered.

21‘ Umut lost the ball to the left of his own half, Rossi saw it well, played deep, Serdar faced goalkeeper Ersin in the right diagonal, Ersin managed to kick the ball into the corner.

27‘ When Kenan Karaman entered the penalty area from the right wing, he remained on the ground with the intervention of Novak.


29‘ VAR stepped in and offered the brothers a watch. The brothers went, watched and awarded the penalty.


31‘ This time Ghezzal took the penalty, the Algerian star sent the ball and Altay in different corners. The score is now 1-1 in the derby!

35‘ Ghezzal fired a free-kick almost halfway down the pitch, Welinton headed in the crowded spot inside the penalty area, but the ball was out the side.

45‘ +5 is added at the end of the first half.

The first half is over.

46‘ The second half has started.


47‘ Emirhan touched the bouncing ball, Larin clung behind the defense and faced goalkeeper Altay, but he couldn’t pass the national glove in the clear position.


50‘Ghezzal returned it, Larin got on well from the penalty spot, hit the head but couldn’t pass the post! Beşiktaş is stuck on the post for the 24th time this season, 2 times in this game.

61‘ İrfan Can grabbed the ball from the free kick from the arc, but he sends the ball from above.

81‘ In Beşiktaş, the ball swelled in the opponent’s penalty area, Welintol turned his head from the left side to the back, Can almost hit his head, Altay took him out.

87‘ Mert Hakan was unable to take the corner. Foreign materials are thrown at him from the bleachers.

90‘ +4 is added at the end of the derby.

The match ends with the result 1-1. There are no winners at Vodafone Park…

Beşiktaş – Fenerbahçe start 11s

Besiktas: Ersin, Serdar, Welinton, Umut, Kenan, Josef, E. İlkhan, Rıdvan, Ghezzal, Larin, Batshuayi

Fenerbahce: Altay, Sangare, Weaver, Novak, Ferdi, Gustavo, Mert Hakan, İrfan Can, Zajc, Rossi, Serdar Dursun

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