Why are we late?

Modernists and others have a memory, they often repeat it so that we don’t forget it.

What is that…

Muslims pray to Allah, curse the enemy, engage in mere details of fiqh and spend time discussing them, while others (the West) have gone beyond imagination in science and technology, so we are robbed, exploited and behind the times. .

Well, let’s say this diagnosis is correct, the question of what to do (who should do what) has no down-to-earth answer! Also, the diagnosis is also not correct/accurate.

Human communities have always been divided into two like the common and the aerial. Their human values ​​and human rights are equal, but there are differences in rights and degrees in terms of duties, positions and services based on competence. If the aircraft builder and the hangar cleaner have the same license, the balance will be broken.

Ordinary people are doing their part, asking those who know (religious scholars, in that sense, some of the mood) to make every behavior, from how to pray to how to step, be in line with their faith, take information and apply it. Religious scholars also learn the rules of religion, no matter how small or large, and pass them on to them; They may also have different viewpoints on issues open to interpretation and ijtihad, and they may discuss them as well. What has happened so far has nothing to do with the backwardness of Muslims in science and technology. Because the situation which is subject to the “forward” and “backward” criteria is related to worldly affairs (science, technique and technology) that our Beloved Prophet said “You know these things better than I do”.

So, are religious scholars (ulema-havas) behind on these issues? Do they say to the scientific and technocratic ulema (to the other air class) “Do not be more and stronger than the enemy, do not try to be advanced”! ?

Or do they say it is fart to work to be stronger than them in world science and technology by reading verses and hadiths; of course, and they always say the latter. People, if they can, try to live according to their beliefs with its details, blushers and sunnahs, while they work and produce as much as their knowledge and skills, do they hinder scientists? ! Isn’t what we eat their production, our wages their tax?

Gentlemen, stop blaming irrelevant people and stop pushing yourself away. Religious scholars and ordinary people (people) are not responsible for making atomic bombs, airplanes or fancy technological inventions. This obligation belongs to some of the local (so-called) scientists and technocrats who are well paid, who sell their titles, but who collect the horseshoes of Western-ruled horses.

I wonder how many scientists and technocrats we have competing with the West and throwing horses at them.

But I can count many religious scholars who have surpassed their peers in the world in Islamic sciences and religious sciences.

Let’s come to the subject ‘front’ – ‘rear’.

Our religion, morality and civilization (although the Ummah has flaws in practice) never lag behind those of the West.

The West, especially the United States, England, Israel and France, has exploited the East for years, kidnapped their people and enslaved them, gold, diamonds, oil , etc. usurped their wealth and handed over a Bible. After the so-called human rights agreements, they ended the military occupation and granted the so-called independence, but this time they continued to operate with puppet governments. If a ruler tries to get out of their orbit, they finish him off. They separate black and white, Muslim and non-Muslim, discriminate and try to drive Muslims out of their country after taking my life and making them do their hardest and dirtiest work , they are xenophobic and they exploit the false islam threat…

Is it moral?!!!

They follow the order they put in place in order to live the worldly life effortlessly, like religion, but they have failed in morality, religion and worship as we understand them.

What kind of these will I envy, and I will see myself falling behind in terms of human values, spiritual values ​​and religious values, and I will feel inferior?!

Let’s throw the ball at each other and give up the dishonesty of relaxation, let everyone remember well their area of ​​responsibility and do what they have to do there.

Human; with religion, morals, art and civilization; Neglecting them or copying them from others and confusing them with science and technology are great faults, and if there is regression, that is the most important reason.

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