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According to the regulations promulgated in Parliament, the operating rights of the Qatari company QTerminals, which took over the operation of the port of Antalya until 2028, have been extended until 2047. (Photo: QTerminals)

CHP Group Vice Chairman Engin Özkoç said the operating periods of 18 companies, including CINER Group, AKFEN, LİMAK, Qatari Qterminals and Singapore, which took over strategic port operating rights in Turkey from through privatization and which are known for their closeness to the government, to be raised to 49 years without a call for tenders.

Criticizing the regulation that was enacted during the press conference he held in parliament, Özkoç said: “Ports in Turkey have been tendered and given away. Once the ports are given, they have time. There are still five years, seven years, three years until the end of the bidding period for the ports, but are we worried about a change of power in power? There are. What about the rich then? The owners of these ports are worried if the power changes, if the Alliance Nation, which cares about the nation tomorrow, comes to power,” he said.

Özkoç went on to say, “They go to the president and say, ‘Make sure you secure us when you’re not here tomorrow’, or they make other offers. What are they doing? Port mandates are served for 49 years before they expire and before they are put up for auction again.

The ports will be operated until 2046 at the earliest.

The regulation stating that the operating periods of 30, 36 and 39 years of the companies which took over the operating rights of 13 ports belonging to the previously privatized Turkish Maritime Enterprises Corporation and 5 ports belonging to the General Directorate of TCDD will be extended to 49 years without new bidding or haggling. It was approved by the Turkish Grand National Assembly on January 6.

The law extending port operating rights without a tender was submitted to parliament in December as part of the Electricity Market Bill and was withdrawn due to backlash. The law was brought back to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, this time with the 8-point Law on the Amendment of Certain Laws prepared by AK Party MPs on January 6, along with the regulations which include the increase in penalties for activities that disrupt the free market against hoarding.

LİMAK, AKFEN, Qatar, Singapore

According to data from Association of International Shipping and Logistics Service Providers (UTIKAD), 18 ports privatized between 1997 and 2015 include Mersin Port, İskenderun Port, Bandırma Port, Derince Port , Antalya Port, Galataport, Çeşme Port, Trabzon Port, Tekirdağ Port and Marmaris Port are located.

If the proposal is accepted, companies such as LİMAK, AKFEN, CINER Group, Albayrak, Çelebi and Doğuş Group and the Qatari company QTerminals, which took over the operation of the port of Antalya, will be granted a period of additional operation of 10, 13 and 19 years.

With this agreement, the operating period of PSA Singapore and AKFEN, which has the right to operate the port of Mersin until 2043, is extended to 2056. As a result, the operating period of the port of Iskenderun, operated by LIMAK, is extended from 2048 to 2061. The operating period of the port of Trabzon, operated by Albayrak Holding, is extended from 2033 to 2052. The company Qterminals, owned by Qatar, had taken the operation of the port of Antalya with a tender until 2028. The operating period of the Qatari company has been extended by 19 years until 2047.

Özkoç: How long will Turkey feed the Qataris?

CHP’s Özkoç claimed that extending periods of operation of Turkey’s major ports without tenders was motivated by “concern for a change of power”. Özkoç also criticized the privatization of port operating rights to foreign companies and companies known to be close to the government.

Özkoç said: “The port of Antalya belongs to the Qataris. How long will the Republic of Turkey feed the Qataris? We have given Tank Palette for 25 years. They were going to produce and give us tanks within 18 months. It’s been 3.5-4 years, neither a tank nor Ethem Sancak nor the Qatari army, but the facilities of Tank Palet are used by Qatar. Now what is done? Again, the duration of Qatar’s stay in the port of Antalya is 49 years. So who else are they made for? These are also extended for 5-gang,” he said.

İSKENDERUN 2012 2048 13 2061 LIMAK
SAMSUNG 2010 2046 13 2059 CELEBI
DIP 2010 2046 13 2059 CEYNAK
DEEPLY 2015 2054 ten 2064 SAFIPORT
Port Operators and Railway Takeover Companies of the Republic of Turkey
Antalya 1998 2028 19 2047 QQATAR TERMINALS
Hopa 1997 2027 19 2046 CINE NAVIGATION PARK
Karakoy Galataport 2013 2043 19 2062 NATURAL KNOWLEDGE
Fountain 2003 2033 19 2052 ULUSOY
Marmaris Harbor 2001 2031 19 2050 MARMARIS PORT MANAGEMENT INC.
Trabzon 2003 2033 19 2052 ALFLAG
Samsung 2010 2046 13 2059 CEYPORT
Tekirdag 2018 2054 13 2067 CEYPORT
rice 1997 2027 19 2046 REPORT
Giresun 1997 2027 19 2046 PORT OF GIRESUN
sinope 1997 2027 19 2046 SIPORT
Kemerkoy 2012 2048 13 2061 CONSTRUCTION OF MEHMET RIFLES
sewn 2003 2033 19 2052 SEWING GATE
Ports owned by Turkish shipping companies and companies that have taken over operations:

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