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President of the Victory Party Prof. Dr. Umit Özdag set the agenda with his statement on the refugee issue.

Özdağ’s determined attitude towards sending refugees to their country received wide support from all segments of society.

The reason was that Özdağ’s rhetoric was an interpreter of the feelings of a significant part of society and overlapped with society’s expectations.

It is not possible that the existence of refugees, whose number is expressed in several millions, is not reflected in social life. Indeed, the existence of refugees in daily life and the cultural difference are beginning to be felt. Moreover, the disturbing behavior of some refugees has amplified the reaction of society.

In such an environment, Özdağ’s reaction received not only social but also political support. Moreover, the government’s indifference to the malaise and society’s reaction to refugees, as well as the protectionist outlook that placed refugees above citizens began to have political consequences.

As criticism of the government grew, support began to wane. It became clear that if he did not change his approach, this situation would cost the government votes. Özdağ’s keeping the issue on the agenda, participation in the Victory Party, and increasing social and political support unsettled the government.

Faced with this emerging social and political image, Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu used expressions containing insults to Victory Party leader Ümit Özdağ. Soylu’s statements about Özdağ were unacceptable. Being a minister does not give anyone the privilege or the power to insult others. On the contrary, the ministry imposes on those who carry out this task the responsibility to set an example for society with respect and courtesy.

Özdağ could not be expected to remain unmoved by Soylu’s words. Özdağ preferred to take Soylu’s words personally, separating them from his own political identity and party. Therefore, he personally challenged Soylu. He invited him to appear in front of the ministry building where he was going alone. As expected, Soylu did not respond to Özdağ’s call. Police officers prevented Özdağ from walking from the Grand National Assembly of Turkey to the Interior Ministry. Özdağ reiterated his call for Soylu in the face of this obstacle and gave his message to the public.

Ozdag’s nobleAlthough there have been criticisms of his reaction and the method he used, it is his personal discretion. Soylu is the one who started the discussion. This style brought nothing to Soylu and power, on the contrary, it made society lose it. Özdağ, on the other hand, did not lose anything, on the contrary, the support he received from society increased due to the victimization he suffered.

As for the topic of discussion.

Turkey has a refugee problem and it is likely to turn into much larger and more diverse problems in the future.

In fact, although not with harsh and determined rhetoric like Özdağ, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, leader of the CHP He also announced several times that they would send asylum seekers to their country under the conditions they would create when they came to power. He also asked important questions for the government and the Directorate of Migration Management to answer. He continued to monitor the problem. He wondered who had been made a citizen for what reason and for what purpose. Criticism that the government aims to get Syrian citizens to vote has also been voiced by opposition parties.

Despite President Tayyip Erdogan, “The opposition will send refugees, we won’t” makes a statement.

After Özdağ’s declaration that the refugees would be dispatched with more direct and determined rhetoric against the diplomatic styles of other leaders, there was a change in the government’s rhetoric and attitude. President Erdoğan said they were preparing for the return of one million Syrians to their country.

On the frequent voices of the opinion that Syrians who went to visit their country during Eid should not return to Turkey and that Europe did, the Ministry of Interior announced that Syrians would not be not allowed to travel to their country during Eid. . The government preferred that the Syrians who will leave for the Eid holiday do not leave Turkey instead of staying in Syria. This attitude shows that the government is favorable to the stay of Syrians in Turkey.

Again, after the exit from Özdağ, security forces began to report that they were catching hundreds of irregular asylum seekers in Istanbul every day. This asylum seeker, who seems to be aiming to reduce the reaction of society, “capture” the news became more frequent. Even some groups of refugees “We’ve been living here for 8 years, now what do you collect” they objected.

The problem of asylum seekers is getting worse day by day. This problem has human, economic, demographic, social, cultural and political aspects. The conditions of many Syrian groups are very different. Moreover, those coming from Afghanistan and Pakistan create a separate problem and a separate question mark.

The human aspect of this problem should not be overlooked either. For this reason, the situation of each asylum seeker must be treated individually. It is necessary to protect children, women and men who are forced to work and their exploitation must be prevented. Those who come for ideological reasons and those who are brought must be separated from those who are trying to survive.

However, it is clear that the government will not voluntarily do such work. The measures it will take in this direction will aim to reduce the reactions of the opposition and society. Because the government’s choice to protect refugees has a political purpose.

Therefore, this problem cannot be adequately solved in this time of power.

The opposition, on the other hand, should explain more clearly to the people how they will solve this problem when they come to power.

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