I have a better family than my dream

We met with clarinetist Serkan Çağrı at his farm in Çatalca, where he bought it just before the pandemic and spent the epidemic period when we were confined to our homes. While reminiscing about old vacations and childhood memories with Çağrı, we also talked about the secret of his 26-year relationship with his wife, Mrs. Ebru. Our conversation was accompanied by Çağrı’s wife, Ebru, their sons Eser and Nefes, and their dog Titi.
from the youngest age work with your father I know you’re gone but it means vacation for you does that mean work?

From an early age, I took my place as a violinist in my father’s orchestra. Sometimes there were things that coincided with the day of the party. I would never want to go to those jobs that coincide with the holidays. I would like to spend the holidays with my friends. However, when the insistence dragged on, I had to go. It would be my most unhappy day.
your dream vacation you install, you want there is anything was it?

It would be, but we couldn’t have everything we wanted right away because our financial situation was not favourable. That’s why, from an early age, I started working to support myself. I sold lemons at the market, shined shoes, accompanied folk dance teams as a musician, and made music in many environments such as tea day.

holiday today also changed in size. The little ones call the big ones compared to the past little. How do you rate this?
We yearn for the past more and more every day. We better understand the value of spiritual values. The virtual density offered by today’s technologies has included us all, old and young. It’s almost as if people can respond from the virtual world even to those who live next to them. The number of people looking face to face is decreasing day by day. Values ​​become unforgettable through such environments. People’s desire to break away from the real environment and socialize in the virtual environment, and the desire to live their values ​​from here, weakens human bonds. The number of single people is increasing day by day. Those who lose their spiritual satisfaction struggle with psychological problems. It is important to protect, live and teach the values ​​that make us who we are. Values ​​make people strong and happy. The tree with weakened roots dries up and disappears. We must keep the roots of youth intact.
Your children breathe and what a feast grow in consciousness?
Eser and Nefes are aware of these days. I also see in them the excitement I felt as a child. These situations make us happy.
The life you dream of do you live
I always thank my God. My wife and children are my breath. Their presence in my life is the greatest wealth given by the Creator. Being a family, being able to share everything together, being happy comes first. For me, to live is to be a family. I have a better family than I ever imagined.

From Mrs. Ebru, the pillar of the family without speaking about. 18 marriages 26 years of solidarity, including There are. What is the secret of a happy union?
We were 20 when we met Ebru. My beard was just growing. We have grown old together, we have traveled beautiful and very difficult paths together. This is always the case, we do not take action without the advice of the other. The secret to long and happy marriages is more than love. Being friends means enjoying life while sharing it, but also respecting each other’s identity and differences. So I can say that my favorite best friend is my wife.

Mrs. Ebru, Serkan Çağrı is good Is he a father? What annoys you the most?
Serkan is a very good family man. The exemplary father presents himself as an exemplary wife around him. The most annoying thing is not to be understood. He thinks fast, has strong foresight, quickly but often comes to the right conclusion, and if you can’t follow that speed and perceive it, he gets very angry. In these situations, he can become a difficult wife, but as I know him well, I don’t find it difficult. If he thinks like that, I say he knows something and I adapt.

Who has the most say in the house?
Children are the most talked about at home. If you ask about the disagreements between Ebru and me, we both explain why we think so, we extract the logics of these conversations and come to a conclusion together. There is no ego and power struggle in our relationship. As for the division of labor, we have never had such a thing as the mother doing this and the father doing that. Either we do everything together or whoever is available at the moment and does what needs to be done. But since I usually work harder, of course the load is mostly on Ebru. In my free time, I try to catch up and rest it.

What comes to mind when you think of vacations?
The happiest days of my childhood are the holidays. The excitement would start the night before. New clothes were purchased and holiday shopping was done. I loved this gentle stirring and preparation. My brothers and I could barely sleep that night with excitement. We prepared our clothes in the evening and put them at our bedside. We used to get up early in the morning and go to Eid prayers with my dad. When we got home, we sat down at the feast table. I had a saz team of 3 people. We used to go around all the houses playing our instruments with my friends and acquaintances. We lived the holidays to the fullest with the pocket money we collected. In the past, fairs were held in our city. We used to spend our pocket money here. Bumper cars were our biggest hobby. We spent a lot of time under the arches.

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