I wish it was just this picture…

We did not have any problems, we had a new problem or a new entertainment that some people on the power side are rubbing their hands and looking at with pleasure: Ekrem İmamoğlu’s photo of the journalists attached to the Rize expedition!

When I first saw the photo, I said, “No, Tayyip Bey is still changing his skin or his mask, look, he packed everyone on his plane, on the bus, without saying supporters or opponents.” Also, they are all beautiful ladies, well-dressed five-faced gentlemen who seem very happy to be there. Aaaa… what is it! Tayyip Bey is not there. If it was him, he would be sitting in the middle, not on the double seat of the bus. Ekrem İmamoğlu sits in this double seat next to the old flagship of the old flagship, which sank in the AKP storm, and now just writes letters to his wife.

At first, as I’m in my own trouble these days, I didn’t dwell on it much; With a sour taste in my mouth and a feeling of discontent inside, I just repeated the refrain “No, you’re not really different from each other, but…”. Then broke out such a storm that I could not remain indifferent to the subject. I couldn’t stay and figured the problem wasn’t just with this photo, some of the people in this photo who had drawn lightning bolts on it.

What is Lady Nagehan’s sin?

Turns out social media, which I don’t care about, was moaning. To the mugger who attacked Nagehan Plaster, who was invited onto the bus. What is the sin of woman, her beauty? There’s also a word or two to Ertuğrul Bey, with whom İmamoğlu shares the bus seat, but if you ask me, Nagehan Hanım is pretty light next to each other when it comes to sin and merit. (In this regard, Umur Talu’s Don’t miss the article on the wall dated May 7.)

The thoughts of everyone who was invited on this bus, who responded to the invitation, what they did, and their current positions apart from yesterday’s calculations are clear as day; There is nothing hidden, hidden, unknown. These are all people who are tired of listening to them on television screens, who are known for what they are, who they are and what they think. What surprises me is that no one – or very few – questions the meaning, purpose and timing of Ekrem İmamoğlu’s trip to Rize, and puts the bus passengers in the bullseye. He who cannot beat his donkey beats his saddle, his situation.

The question is not the photograph, but the understanding of politics.

Even if there were other faces in this photo, which the people who reacted consider acceptable, my question would not change: What is the purpose of this trip?

In today’s socio-political environment; As we head towards the elections, which have become a matter of life and death for the country, the people and all of us, the journey of calling for the presidential candidacy (or creating a de facto situation and deletion) initiated by the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğlu of Rize is both his own party, the table of six and all opposition forces. It is not a political decision to pass by saying “not stylish”.

Nobody knows that there is a candidate problem, even a fight within the CHP, and the groupings of Kılıçdaroğlu, İmamoğlu, those. We remain silent so as not to water down the food that is being cooked, so as not to damage alliances already bound by a thread, and so as not to interfere in the internal affairs of the parties without any restraint. At least some of us… As we try to be careful and do no harm, İmamoğlu’s Rize show is kicking off the race for applications. While Kılıçdaroğlu says “Alliance partners will determine the presidential candidate”, İmamoğlu appears in Rize as “I am the candidate”.

The man goes where he wants, are you the steward of his pleasure, do not look for a calf under an ox, there is no question of it; Beef and veal are obvious. İmamoğlu may have missed his hometown and traveled to Rize taking the vacation break. But then he took his wife and children with him and quietly went to his hometown. He doesn’t; He gets on the election bus, fills his plane, sorry bus, with the journalists he chooses, just like President Erdoğan, and gives them pictures in roughly the same order and in the same setting as Erdoğan. His salute to the people at the top of the electoral bus, his address to the people, the announcement of his presidential candidacy with what he said and what he did not say. We can also speak of a sort of preemption against another candidate.

You do not have the right ? If his own party had gone down the road of determining the candidate he would nominate through a primary election, taking the pulse of the people, if other candidates had come forward and competed, of course that would have been right. But there is no such thing. On the contrary, the leader of his party had politely blocked his way before. (Haa… There is a lot of play in Byzantium, in the State and in the CHP. He may have been given a chance to lose his chance, or he is the candidate of the party and that it is hit by the left and right, everything is possible).

Anyway, I think Imamoglu seems to have lost his chance, or at least weakened it, with this miscalculated exit. It’s not just a miscommunication, as some have interpreted.

In response to the criticism of the choice of bus passengers, İmamoğlu rebuked “Oh, ask, let’s see what this man wants to do”, while trying to explain that he aims to make the different sections understand each other and the unity of society in a segregated and divided society where people are at each other’s throats. Well, these passengers are only known as screen faces, they don’t represent the sides of the deep divide in the country. With their supporters and their opponents, they are essentially the faces of the middle-right movement. If the president of IMM had met and discussed with these journalists in his office or elsewhere, there would have been no problem, it would have been good in terms of relations with the media. But if one thinks that the feeling of unity and integrity will be achieved with these faces, there is still a problem of mentality and political blindness, not a lack of communication.

“Be smart! » command is the jargon of Ülkücü tosun

The thing that impressed me most about this case was the “be smart” finger wiggling that didn’t get much attention. As everyone İmamoğlu probably knows, “being smart” is the menacing lingo of mobsters and Ülkücü bulls. Where the country’s foreign minister made the gray wolf sign of the MHP and the Ülkists to the protesters, the metropolitan mayor said: “Be smart! Shouldn’t we be surprised to say that? I’m confused.

These are my vague thoughts on the subject. If you want a good comment on this Read Daghan Iraq’s article in Diken yesterday. What I want to say briefly and simply is that no good can come from the right or the left of populism. That replacing Erdoğan and replacing him with İmamoğlu or something similar will not be a solution to our problems.

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