Interesting goal in the match Kocaelispor – Altınordu! What happened when the goalkeeper thought he was offside


Kocaelispor and Altınordu drew 2-2 in the two teams’ struggle to stay in the Spor Toto 1st League.

Kocaelispor in the fight, 45+4. He took a 1-0 lead with the goal scored by Mehmet Taş from outside the penalty area in the second minute.

Ahmet İlhan Özek, who took the ball from the penalty spot in the 50th minute, sent the leather ball to the net and the score was tied.

Recep Aydın, who kicked the ball off the ground into the penalty area in the 65th minute of the game, cleared the net and Altınordu took a 2-1 lead.


In the dying moments of the match, after Altınordu goalkeeper’s big mistake, Kocaelispor scored and made it 2-2.

In the 86th minute of the game, Altınordu goalkeeper thought he would use offside and put the ball down, because there was no offside free kick at that time, Kolovos came and sent the ball into the net.



After the goal, Kocaelispor players enjoyed great joy, while Altınordu front faced referee Ali Palabıyık.

Referee Ali Palabıyık declared the goal correct and showed the midpoint.


After the match, the coaches of both teams rated the goal wrong during the press conference.

Stating that the players were very diligent in the first half, Kocaelispor coach Fırat Gül said: “They fought hard. There were no illegal football players. They played one hundred percent. At the start of the second half, a sudden penalty and then the goal we conceded demoralized us. The goal we scored was also normal. We tried to slow down the game and we took our time. If you try to win, someone will come and cut the penalty like that. You will concede the goal. It’s perfectly normal. So what is it! We had to play the game. I meet the technical team of the opposing team. We also have friendship. I didn’t have any problems with the club. I didn’t see what happened there because I was focused on the game during the game O While the goal was being scored I was talking to the assistant coach about the change I did not understand how it happened While trying to understand the situation, they said, “Forgive me. “The best part is the 1 point we got today can reach the end of the season. When we get 6 points in 2 games, we will reach the end of the season target of 99%. We are not d We’re in the mood to give up or surrender. No one has the luxury of being fragile. Everyone will continue where we left off. We’re just sorry we didn’t win. We’ve prepared very seriously for the week. All our plans were to win. There is nothing we need to walk together to reach the end of the season target, and we will walk together,” he said.



Altınordu technical director Hüseyin Eroğlu said: “First of all, it was a game that many teams were interested in downstairs. Whoever needs it in the last few weeks wins. I wish the champions are unclear, many teams were not guaranteed in the Intense atmosphere coming here We knew this would happen Thanks to the police They took us away with the fans They threw us water. That’s how we got there. “The police could have brought it in another way and faster. Apart from that, the stadium is magnificent, yes, the public supports the team. We knew there would be difficult conditions, but I trusted my team. After a certain point, I felt the pressure from the public. It had to turn in our favor and become partners in the game. We didn’t start the game well. There was the Kocaeli team, which started with enthusiasm and pressure. They haven’t done that in other matches. They did this with the enthusiasm of the public. Because we couldn’t take the right position and couldn’t get the balls back, the opponent seemed effective for 15-20 minutes of him. In the next episode we have the ball, We had some clear positions in our offensive attempts. We scored a goal. We had a striking position. As the first half was over, we saw the goal in our ball, which we will take away from our own mistake,” he said.



Eroğlu said, “There was Altınordu who didn’t give up” and said, “I shared with my players that we should play in front of this audience no matter what. Our performance on the pitch, which increased over the weeks, continues physically and tactically. We took the lead in the second half. We knew the opposition would come with long balls. As we continued to defend 2-1. We conceded the goal when our goalkeeper made a mistake because of the referee’s hand gesture”. It’s sad. It makes us sad that it ended in a draw with such a goal. In this atmosphere, under the intense pressure of the public, they really feel very good. If Kocaeli weren’t in this situation, the public might have received more positive support. They were angry too. Everything collapsed on the ground. It didn’t come to us, but anyone could come. It ended in a draw. Those who were in need of other teams won. Unfortunately, this has been the case in our country in recent weeks. We have to finish our own business. We will end it with the matches of Balıkesir and Bolu. I think we will stay in the league. I trust my players. Also at Kocaelispor we wish you all the best,” he said.

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