Islam Memiş warns: this bubble will burst this summer, be careful

Gold and silver market expert Islam Memiş made a stark statement about gold in grams and warned investors. Memiş gave another important warning when he said: “The balloon will burst this summer.”

Gold and silver market expert İslam Memiş has performed valuations for the foreign exchange, gold and real estate markets.

Responding to questions from a social media show he participated in, Memiş said, “The dollar should be valued in two ways. The first is the value of the international market and the reflection of national inflation and bad policies. Both factors will increase the value. There is a dollar rate that does not increase much inside. Right here. There is pressure. The Fed increased by 50 basis points. It will continue to increase by 50 points another 3 times until the end of the year. Inflation means governments around the world are in danger. It is around 70% in Turkey, it is felt more. Inside there are also different issues related to the reserve. Questions are in the air as to whether these can be overcome. I specially drew attention to the months of May, June and July. I warned that this process should not be delayed until the end of May, both for foreign currencies and for gold and silver. There is a rate that cannot support this. May, June and July. There is a rate that may have new highs in July. The rise continues up to the 15.50 level, new highs are expected in June and July. I say,” he said.


On the one hand, the government is giving up its own revenue, on the other hand, it is taking various measures, but the situation does not pass on to the consumer. From this process, when new monetary attacks come, the fight against inflation will be a little more difficult. My thesis is that inflation will continue to rise around the world until the middle of 2023. When the monetary attack hits it, inflation may be on the way to rising a little more. There are also serious problems on the raw materials and energy side. We are still in spring, but we will seek drought in summer. Boosts such as Gasoline and Oil also increase the Farmer’s cost. When you buy, farmers cannot earn in exchange for the products received from farmers. The problem between the two, the economy of the rent is still not solved. The so-called commitments are a big zero when you look at the result.


Referring to central banks’ interest rate decisions, Memiş said, “Wherever we touch, it’s a problem. Let’s not scare people by saying there will be a currency attack, but even if the dollar index is at 104, if there is a suppressed exchange rate, if there are attacks here, this times you needed a hot money flow, but today investors are in the mood to go to other countries. We focused on inflation, there are new shutdowns In China, there are supply problems, but our priority is inflation. Central banks around the world are raising interest rates one after another. When you look inside, you think, my red line of interest. There is clear language here. The language that suits me is: I can raise or lower interest rates regardless of economic conditions. If this language is used, there is no problem, but if strict conditional language is used, the CBRT will have to raise interest rates by the end of the year. When we face the problem, it will be said that the interest would not be increased, why the exchange rate was abolished. That’s why we need to open communication channels,” he said.


Memiş, who warned citizens against inflation, said:

I have a thesis that regional destiny has become a common destiny all over the world. There are central banks that reduce and increase interest rates at the same time. There are countries fighting inflation at the same time, there are people. You don’t need to steal to make people poorer, you need the system by reducing your purchasing power in the face of inflation. The bursting of the inflationary bubble in the world is not a surprise. Everyone knows there will be inflation against the abundance of money and printing money. I think all the people in the world are impoverished and dependent on the system in a controlled way. First, you will reduce inflation in a controlled manner. The system does not want a human being in the middle. He either wants the rich or the poor. That’s why I tell investors, “Take ownership of your assets, stay away from day-to-day trading, don’t trade on the assets.” Novices trade on social media with hearsay thoughts. This is the biggest risk. The biggest weakness of investors in Turkey is how to make money quickly in a short time. There is no such economy, no lifestyle.
There is only one thing people need to do, we will definitely focus on our work. Daily headlines and debates don’t stop in Turkey. I say, don’t come to the fishing line.


Memiş, who said that “the bubble will burst this summer” for houses at certain levels of the real estate market, expressed his reasons and warnings as follows:

We have already made our preparations by investing in investments such as gold and silver. We did this by buying arable land. I say starting today, are you ready for hyper-inflation, a scarcity economy? The real problem is there. What do we do to secure our concerns about the future? We work, we produce, we concentrate on our work, we increase the amount we have. Housing prices are on the rise these days. When the value of money decreases, the value of the commodity increases. Last year, I told all of Turkey, if you need shelter, buy a house as soon as possible. House prices will continue to rise each year. Unfortunately, in Turkey they scare people, they say “there is a property price bubble”. The cost of the real estate sector is calculated in foreign currency. It does not exist. House prices up to 1 million lira in the neighborhood do not decrease. However, there are apartments sold 3 to 5 million, this bubble will burst this summer. Apartment prices up to 1 million are not falling due to immigration events. Exchange rate hikes will also be effective. Construction costs are increasing. The third is earth, that is, the raw material of your need, the amount of earth. Due to this demand, the costs are increasing. Prizes for 1 million will continue to increase. Now that there are foreign opportunists in Turkey, you buy an apartment for $250,000. Construction companies buy apartment buildings. They buy because they already buy with dollars, then they resell this place. They towed the houses away for 400 thousand dollars. The 3-5 million balloon segment will burst. I said I expected quick attacks from the currency side. Those who buy a house will not be able to buy it, because they will turn to foreign currencies, gold and cash. If there are people among our viewers who will buy apartments for 2-3 million, be careful.

The continuation of Memiş’s statements is as follows:


“My real money is gold and silver, as I always do. I earn gold and silver, I invest in land. I want to continue my life with real money. I have a monthly expense, how many grams of income, how many grams of expenses. People like it. I don’t think their backs will go down if it continues. If you say you bought a house, it doubled, you have lost. Your property has lost value with inflation. If gold goes up tomorrow today, which makes a premium of more than 100% every year. How many grams of gold did you sell for how many grams The phrase “How long have I been able to protect myself against inflation” is important.
If it was me instead of 2+1, 3+1 apartments, I would buy 1+1. I buy two 1+1 of the old ones. For example, I would receive 4,000 lire in rent. How will the next generation find a job, how will they buy a house? From now on, everyone will live with 10 or 20 year leases. Everyone must prepare for it, they will not be able to be owners. This is how people should see the real estate side.


Knowingly and voluntarily, the Fed, in the first place, suppresses gold prices. Inflation means gold, it means silver, they remove it on purpose. Press with pressure, but when it explodes, a situation like buying gold will be a dream. The Fed immediately sells gold and silver, an ounce of gold is stuck between 1980 and 1880 dollars, regardless of whether it goes up or down. What if it was the other way around? This time everyone will be attacking gold and silver so it doesn’t work for them. In Turkey, the holes in the scissors are open and do not allow anyone to buy and sell bread daily. There were those who traded in the narrow band, they opened the gap to trade daily or to prevent people from turning to foreign currencies in this environment, they canceled the forex market.


Gold prices are suppressed, but this pressure is actually a chance for investors. We had a roadmap that we will do step buying 4 times in April, we won’t buy at the 900 level, we won’t exit it in May. We close the first week of May. Currently, the price of TL gram is 924 TL at Grand Bazaar. In other words, we closed the first week with a rise, we will watch the coming weeks. We look at the screens, it says 902 lira for us. Come on, give me 910 lira so that I get 10 kilos. You show but you don’t give, that’s how it is. Look at your pocket, not what you see in the markets. I will wait for the level of 1200 lira in May, a little higher in July, but 1450 on an annual basis. There is no change in this prediction.”

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