She fled the violence, faced the crime of child abduction!

IHe moved to Austria with his wife, whom he met on the Internet and got married. The mother-of-two, who claimed she was abused by her husband and her husband’s family in the house she said was locked, also faced a kidnapping case children’s international. Despite the decision to extradite her 4-year-old daughter, born in Austria, to Austria, the mother, who did not want to leave her child, began to lead an illegal life in Turkey.

ASiye Kovancı (28 years old) married RK, of Turkish origin and living in Austria, whom she met on the Internet 6 years ago, with the consent of her family. Asiye Kovancı, who moved to Austria after her marriage and started living in the same house as her husband RK’s family, reportedly began experiencing violence from her husband and family.
Kovancı, who was not allowed out, became pregnant during this time and gave birth to a daughter. Kovanci wanted to divorce and return to Turkey after the increase in violence he saw in the house he was living in. However, his wife RK did not accept this situation. Insisting on a divorce, Kovancı had to hide the violence she suffered when she threatened that she could not get custody of her Austrian-born child.
Meanwhile, Kovanci, who became pregnant for the second time, told his wife, RK, that he wanted to go to Turkey to see his grandfather, who lived in Turkey and suffered from heart disease. After her husband’s acceptance, Asiye Kovancı, who flew to Turkey with her 8-month-old daughter and 2-month-old baby in her womb, said she wanted to live in a house separate from her family at her back to Turkey. her husband RK, whom she spoke to on the phone after a while. The disagreement between RK and Kovanci, who did not accept this situation, grew. Kovancı, who gave birth to her second child in Turkey and never returned to Austria, was sued by her husband for “international child abduction”.
The first case in the local court, then the cases in the court of appeal were concluded in favor of mother Kovanci. In the last case before the Supreme Court, it was decided to send the child back to Austria. While the mother asked the Constitutional Court to overturn the decision, Kovancı changed the address where she lived with her two children so that her child would not be taken away by the court’s decision.
Mother Kovancı, who struggles not to be separated from her daughter, who is now 4, and therefore lives at an address no one knows, explained her experiences with her cell phone camera and said she was waiting for help.
In the video she shot, Asiye Kovancı claimed to have been abused by her husband and family and locked in a locked room for two years. I started living in the same house with his family. During this time, unfortunately, I suffered severe torture, severe violence, both physical and psychological, both from my wife and her family. I wanted to divorce. I also got pregnant during this time. My wife threatened me with my child, saying that I would never have the child, that I would never see her because she was an Austrian citizen. That’s why I couldn’t go anywhere. I was already living behind a locked door. I was never allowed to leave the house because they were afraid I would tell someone. I spent two years there without leaving my house. I was born there. My daughter was born there. Later, I conceived my second child. During this period, everything continued as before. They were persecuting serious violence,” he said.
Stating that they came to Turkey with their daughter and the baby in her womb due to her grandfather’s illness, Kovancı said, “My grandfather had heart disease, during that time I wanted to come to Turkey. Turkey. My wife sent me to Turkey. I flew to Turkey with my 8 month old daughter, me and my 2 month old son in my belly. My wife took it. There were no planes at the airport in Austria at that time. My wife took care of me from Germany herself. I never had the opportunity to go to Germany. Because I don’t know the language, I don’t know the place. No vehicle etc… I don’t know anything. Because they made me live behind a locked door for two years. My wife flew me out of Austria to the airport in Germany, took my 8 month old daughter and me on the plane. My wife and I had a disagreement about going there, about going back to Austria. I said I didn’t want to come back unless there was a separate house because of the violence I saw. Even if my wife is not there, she is penalized because she receives family allowances. Now, just because of that, he filed a child abduction case against me 4 years ago.
Adding that her husband filed a lawsuit against her because she wanted revenge against him and the court decided to return the child, Kovancı said, “First of all, the local court gives me the child. Then my wife takes it to appeal. From the appeal comes the decision that the child should stay with the mother. An unscrupulous decision came from the Supreme Court, which in no way respected reason and logic. A decision was made to separate a child from his mother through no fault of the mother and to send the child back to Austria. We couldn’t understand that in any way, we couldn’t digest that decision. No legal system wants or can require children of this age to be separated from their mothers. I am a mother, I have been fighting for my children for 4 years. Right now, my children are afraid of being detained by their father. These children are so young that they don’t want to be separated from me or from each other. The psychology of children is in a terrible state right now, and unfortunately it is their fathers who are keeping them alive. Just for the feeling of revenge on me. According to him, I had to endure these tortures, I had to endure all their cruelties,” he said.
In the video she shot, mother Kovanci, who wanted to make her voice heard saying “Please help me”, said: “I am a mother who has no faults and who is even victim of violence. I don’t want to lose my four year long legal battle like this. I don’t want to send my children to a cruel and unscrupulous home. Help me, all I want is to have a beautiful happy life with my children. I don’t want to leave my children among unscrupulous people. Please help me. Please make my voice heard.


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