What could be behind the floating insults and political misconduct?

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I read with interest the news about the “1915 Çanakkale Bridge”, the latest project implemented by the government, which everyone expects to praise.

One of the most prominent names in the AK party traveled to the Gallipoli neighborhood of Çanakkale in a crowded convoy of his party’s MPs and leadership staff. The ruling party that crossed the new bridge on its way. Presumably, they not only watched the bridge from afar and expressed their admiration, but also counted the bridge among the works they brought to the country as part of the district’s iftar program. AK party Tayip ErdoganThey must have criticized those who spoke of “200 lire” for the toll…

I can only speculate as the logs did not report what was discussed at the iftar event.

The interesting part of the news is this: when the leaders finished their program, they preferred the much cheaper traditional ferry instead of crossing the bridge, where they would have to pay “200 lira” when they left…

They thought you didn’t notice. After all, when the promised number of vehicles does not cross the bridge, the government pays contractors the missing money.

The convoy’s preference for a ferry on a bridge is still criticized.

What happened next is even more interesting. The prominent government name saw the adjective ‘crazy’ for naysayers who criticized why they used the ferry, which people preferred because it was cheap, while the bridge was standing, and a reported that the reporters covering the issue were “idiots”. ‘…

Adjectives like “stupid” and “stupid” are not appropriate expressions for elected politicians.

Indescribable expressions were frequently used by politicians in the administration.

We were shocked when a minister repeated the insulting words he had spoken about another politician whose name we have heard frequently in recent days, in a television broadcast, with the statements he had made as leader of the party he had just founded.

These words:

”He’s a lower animal, he’s a safilin esfele. I do not replace a man. He’s a child of Soros, a child of the Operation. It is obvious that it is an intelligence officer. The dishonest man…”

The adjectives ‘stupid’ and ‘idiot’ come out of the party leader’s mouth, and the minister repeats like a machine gun the adjectives I quoted above.

This is something professionals should focus on.

Personally, I am not an expert on the subject, but I know a little about politics.

a similar situation donald trump It happened in the United States when he was president.

Trump could insult journalists, dissident politicians and business people he didn’t like. In fact, in a letter he sent to President Erdogan during a conflict that could be resolved in a courteous environment, he was able to use words that had never been seen before in international relations.

The Americans eventually ousted him from the presidency.

What could be hiding behind the corruption that is now on the tongues of our politicians?

Are things bad?

Is the economy deteriorating so much that the masses who support the government are also grumbling?

Is it to resort to harsh turns in foreign policy, to manage to present the rulers of foreign countries, who were previously considered the “greatest enemy”, as the “greatest friend”?

Is it the visible collapse in the votes of the two parties that make up the ruling front, which is also reflected in the polls of research institutions?

Government targets recently considered for 2023 recently had to be postponed to 2053?


Or all at once?

I rarely needed to be in social situations with influential people, some of whom I knew. Even from a distance, I try to assess myself by reading their faces. There are signs of a decline in self-confidence, once dominated by all their states.

They always seem to trust their leaders, if not themselves.

For the continuation of their reign until 2053 and 2071, they seem to have completely committed themselves to the belief that President Erdogan, who is also the leader of their party, will repeat his political talent, which won him this time all elections.

It is very clear that it is thought that “there will certainly be surprises to come out of the hat in the next election”.

Tayyip Erdoğan, a leader who rose to the presidency, won over 50% of the vote in the last two presidential elections, and took it to the top of 49.5% in the election on June 7, 2015, in during which his party lost the majority in the Assembly, renewed six months later.

Again why not?

I wonder?

The basis of my doubt is the thought that the leader who successfully overcame the most difficult crises of the past is not the same as the leader who always seems to make bad decisions about the troubles the country is going through today.

If bad decisions had not been made, the economy would not have fallen into the troubles it finds itself in today.

If the economy was on the right track, there would be no need for drastic shifts in foreign policy.

The passage from the immigration policy carried out with the concepts of “ensar-muhacir”, which has almost become the raison d’être of the party, to the desire for “voluntary repatriation” was unthinkable.

What if the leader lost his sensitivity to take the pulse of the electorate?

I think the adjectives that we are not used to before and the politically misguided behaviors of party administration members, such as preferring a ferry to a bridge, that fall into the mouths of politicians in the power front , are manifestations of their discontent.

This therefore means that we will hear more vindictive words and we will witness reprehensible political behavior.

*This article is taken from fehmikoru.com.

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