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However, you may be wondering what exactly is a wallet? Is a cryptocurrency exchange the same as a wallet? What is the best wallet to use?

We will briefly answer all of these questions throughout this guide. We will cover many details on how a cryptocurrency wallet works and how to choose the best wallet for your needs.

First, let’s start with the most basic question: what is a cryptocurrency wallet?

What is a cryptocurrency wallet?

In its simplest form, a wallet is software that you can use to prove that you own a particular cryptographic account or address.

You can use a wallet to securely store cryptocurrency or to authorize cryptocurrency payments to employees or merchants. Since each cryptocurrency account is unique, a wallet can also be used to manage and verify your identities online.

For example, you can use your wallet address instead of an email address to log into a social network or instant messaging account.

In summary, a wallet can be used to prove it’s you, instantly, with the push of a few buttons.

Setting up a cryptocurrency wallet

To install a wallet, you can download it from a browser extension store, mobile app store, or a developer’s website.

Once installed and configured, you can ask someone to send cryptocurrency to your wallet by providing the sender with your wallet address (not your home address).

After receiving cryptocurrencies at your wallet address, you can send them to others or use the wallet to interact with wallet-enabled apps on the web.

Bags and wallets

Cryptocurrency exchanges are great places for buy bitcoin. They allow users to purchase cryptocurrencies with debit cards or money transfers. You can also use a cryptocurrency exchange to exchange one cryptocurrency for another quickly and cheaply. You can store cryptocurrency on an exchange or use it to send and receive cryptocurrency, just like you can with a wallet.

Conversely, when you store cryptocurrencies in your wallet, you are in full control of your cryptocurrencies. When you make transfers using a wallet, you do it directly, without involving third parties. It means that no one can stop you to use your cryptocurrencyhowever you want to use it.

Storing cryptocurrencies in an exchange account is like having cash in a bank, while having cryptocurrencies in a wallet is more like having cash in a physical wallet. If your money is in your physical wallet, no one can stop you from spending it on what you want. Likewise, when your cryptocurrency is in your crypto wallet, no one but you is in control.

Types of wallets

There are different types of wallets that can be used for different activities. Hot wallets are best suited for frequent cryptocurrency transactions or for using wallet-enabled web applications. Cold wallets are best suited for long-term secure storage. Here’s a more detailed look at these two types of cryptocurrency wallets:

  • Hot or cold wallets?

A hot wallet is a wallet that is stored on an internet-connected device, such as a desktop computer, laptop, or smartphone. Hot wallets are simple and convenient to use. But if your device is infected with malware, your cryptocurrency can be stolen. You can then consider keeping only your pocket money in your warm wallet, leaving most of your investments in cold wallets.

Desktop wallets are still the most used cryptocurrency wallets for beginners. To install a desktop wallet, you just need to download it from the developer’s website and set it up. As you may have guessed, desktop wallets can also be used on laptops.

desktop wallet

If you need to transact on the go, you will need a mobile wallet. These are especially useful if you go to stores that accept cryptocurrencies, because you don’t necessarily want to take your PC with you every time you shop!


Since the world Wide Web became famous in the early 90s, we got used to giving our assets to third parties and letting them take control. However, with crypto wallets, we can now take direct control of our assets, similar to holding cash, but with the added benefit of being able to interact with the web.

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