a new word in the dictionary, billionaire!

Over the past decade, hundreds of millions of people around the world have gotten used to and adapted to a new vocabulary related to the cryptocurrency industry and all related concepts. The cryptocurrency dictionary has recently welcomed a new word, widely used on social networks. This is the billionaire.

A word deviated and used in all sauces

Appearing in the first half of this year, billionaire basically refers to a person who is a cryptocurrency millionaire. The word also refers to a person who has a large cryptocurrency portfolio. It was popularized last April by Binancethe cryptocurrency exchange platform, founded by Changpeng Zhao.

For several weeks we have noticed that more and more cryptocurrency wallet holders have been playing with the word and diverting its meaning to come up with fun ideas.

To this end, on Twitter, some use the word furrow to denote a person who holds tokens that will never allow him to get rich, as Cillionaire says. These include tokens designed without a tangible blueprint. There is also shit to designate a person who holds shitcoin or even travillionaire, to speak of a person whose wallet allows him to travel and discover the world.

Since it has been at the center of exchanges among community members, some on Twitter have changed their handle to Cillionaire, to indicate that they will become millionaires in cryptocurrencies.

It is also common to note that most people associate the word with new tokens that can lead them to wealth.

Note that there is also a cryptocurrency called Cillionaire (Cillionaire), implemented on the Binance Smart Chain.

The cryptocurrency dictionary has just been enriched with a new word that, in addition to its original meaning, above all amuses the community that diverts it for different purposes. One thing is certain, it reflects the hope of millions of people to get rich through cryptocurrencies.

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