Binance co-founder takes over the reins of Binance Labs

You better call Yi! – After more than two months without a leader, the Binance Labs has a captain again. His role will be to ensure that the Labs continue their more than profitable momentum.

Change of course, but no policy

Binance it is so turned on once again the front of the stagewith the appointment of Yi He as head of Binance Labs. Miss, founder member of Binance, with its famous CEO CZ (Changpeang Zhao), will take over from Bill Qian. The previous director, in fact, left the company in May.

Always involved in the operation of the Labs and in identifying the projects to be proposed, Yi He will now be responsible for the direction of this immense investment fundconnected to the number one platform in the crypto ecosystem.

Now is the perfect time for Yi to take a bigger role at Labs, as this market offers an unprecedented opportunity to identify these projects with the tenacity to thrive in challenging market conditions. “

Changpeng Zhao – CEO of Binance

With Yi’s appointment, Binance wants to increase its investments in projects whose founders are motivated and which will play a real role in the industry of tomorrow.
The goal is to act so that the blockchain is adopted more massively and ” building the standard for the blockchain industry “.

It goes without saying that Web3 will reach a billion new users over the next five years. However, Web3 will only truly become mainstream when its products integrate seamlessly into users’ lives. To accelerate widespread adoption, we need to focus our resources on supporting projects that will push the boundaries of Web3 technology and create products that provide solutions to real-world problems.

Yi He

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A functional and very profitable incubator

As you will have understood, Binance wants to be associated with the projects that will become the standards, and why not i GAFAM of tomorrow.

Binance has therefore decided to take advantage of a somewhat gloomy market to work twice as much and discover new projects that could turn into reality. nuggets for the company.

Binance Labs is the largest CV (Venture Capital, or investment fund) of the crypto ecosystem. It therefore governs a portfolio of assets of over 7.5 billion dollarswith above 200 projects.
His invested capital earns him on average more than 21 times the starting amount, bringing it to a level rarely equaled in the VC world.

Binance Laboratories

Binance can also boast of having tracked down projects whose names will not be unknown to you, having authorized them polygon, Certik or Analysis of the dunes quietly incubate in the crook of his arms. These companies, which today produce millions, even billions of dollars, have developed thanks to the Hong Kong origin laboratory.

The world’s most popular stock exchange hopes to retain its number one spot and continue its rapid expansion. And, for this, his team understood it investment and developing new projects is the best tool. We wish Yi success in continuing this momentum. As they say in the industry, Good luck ! “.

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