Black week for cryptocurrencies: a new exchange is hacked 4.8 million dollars

The week is still young, but it will already remain sadly historic on the front of hacks, hacks and other crashes of all kinds. After the Nomad disaster and its 190 million rise and the compromise of thousands of Solana wallets (still ongoing), we now learn that the exchange has suffered a $ 4.8 million hack.

The cryptographic platform has undergone a hack of its hot storage (hot wallets) for an amount of 4.8 million dollars, according to the information security company Shield pecked.

While customer withdrawals were suspended yesterday, 20 different cryptocurrencies would be affected by this flaw. Hackers quickly redirected the funds to decentralized platforms to convert them specifically to ETH. The movements are available at this address.

Rather little known, the ZB exchange (formerly is still one of the oldest platforms in the industry. There is no doubt that the Chinese-based company (and based in the country, until its forced expatriation in 2017 on funds from Beijing’s anti-crypto policy) would have done well without this sudden publicity.

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