Breaking: Mark Zuckerberg announces NFT on Instagram in 100 countries (and reveals strange image)

So it was on … Facebook that Mark Zuckerberg himself announced it: NFTs are making their big Instagram entry in 100 other countries.

Mark Zuckerber, big boss of Meta whose interest in the metaverse is such as to have determined the new name of his group, has therefore just announced it: NFT-related services are landing on Instagram in 100 countries. Until then, the integration of non-fungible tokens on “Insta” had been limited only to experiments with the American target audience.

“In honor of the expansion of collectible digital NFTs to 100 more countries on Instagram and the launch of new integrations with Coinbase and Dapper, I will share my old little league baseball card as soon as an NFT, whoever has recently found and sent me … . Metropolis Comics & Collectibles has my baseball card history. “

And what could be better than a little illustration of the use and interest of said NFTs by the big boss himself? So, a scoop chasing another at the speed of a Solana hack, we learn that Mark Zuckerberg’s first NFT will consist of the following “work”:

Mark Zuckerberg's first NFT
He took dear Eleven

Self – in addition to Ethereum – the Solana network had to already be compatible as part of this NFT integration with Instagram, the network To flow it is also in the game.

This strategic transition for Meta / Instagram on the NFT road is accompanied by Dapper Lab and Coinbase. Coinbase, which today definitely seems to be regaining some of its former glory, with the announcement a few hours ago of its partnership with Blackrock.

Like it or not, Mark Zuckerberg is preparing for a future where Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and NFTs will have become commonplace. And she ? Get to know this exciting world and don’t wait for yourself anymore create an account on Binance, the Bitcoin reference and the cryptocurrency exchange (trade link).

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