Coinbase offers new products!

Despite much controversy, the cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase continues its operations. Although some investors have pulled out and the SEC continues to charge, the platform is undaunted. It goes even further and now offers new services to American institutions.

Coinbase diversifies its offering in the United States

The cryptocurrency industry is facing a lot of turmoil. Between the fall of the recovering markets and the attacks by regulators, companies operating in the sector are going through a fairly turbulent period. While some of them particularly benefit from this state of affairs, the same cannot be said for Coinbase.

Indeed, the cryptocurrency society is going through a tough time right now. However, this does not prevent him from continuing his activities. Indeed, in a context of permanent bad news, Coinbase’s announcement gives its users renewed hope.

WatcherGuru’s Twitter account has announcement on August 1 Coinbase now offers Ethereum staking to US-based institutions. While the US Congress complains about the misuse of electricity from cryptocurrency mining, ETH staking offered by the exchange platform could be an alternative.

Unlike mining, which requires constant activity, staking limits the use of resources for higher returns. In this sense, the new Coinbase products seem well thought out to win the approval of the various groups. However, this does not put an end to the charges against the company.

The SEC continues its investigation!

The SEC recently opened an investigation against Coinbase. In fact, the Securities Exchange Commission has accused the cryptocurrency exchange of selling unregistered tokens. According to the regulatory body, the company deliberately misled Americans by offering trade in titles Not registered with her.

Many altcoins are involved in this insider trading, around 25 in total. Although Coinbase has justified itself on its blog, the SEC doesn’t go far and stands by its allegations. In this sense, one would wonder if the Ethereum staking offered by the platform will not create a problem.

According to Michael Saylor, there is a good chance Ethereum is a safety “Indeed, in order to maintain the decentralized side of crypto assets, no one at Ethereum’s founding, including its founders, should be able to change the protocol. Therefore, there is a risk that altcoins will go through a bad time. effects, other exchanges may remove them from the list for fear of reprisals from the SEC.

Coinbase continues to operate despite SEC allegations. In its diversification plan, the cryptocurrency exchange platform now offers Ethereum staking to institutions in the United States. It remains only to hope that the regulator does not put an end to this relationship which promises to be long-term.

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