Crypto scam: French justice is investigating a new scam with an unprecedented action plan

Cryptocurrencies know neither the crisis nor the holidays. A new scam with an unprecedented trial is causing a stir in the industry, also sparking the interest of French justice.

A successful business and an unprecedented method

Cryptocurrencies, still so frequent despite the crypto winter, often abuse the influence that some personalities have on the public. Some characters have been spotted after praising the industry. A phenomenon that was visible after the start of the crypto winter and often still is after the discovery of a scam. The ultimate proof that nobody should be trusted, no matter how famous they are.

YouTuber Crypto Gouv, who offered several tutorials on cryptocurrency investing, is now the new scammer wanted by the authorities. Through his channel, the influencer whose name remains anonymous had managed to gain notoriety. A situation that continued until the latter disappeared. In fact, after winning the trust of its 10,000 members, he fled after extorting almost € 4 million from them.

Crypto Gouv had offered its audience to get better returns on their investments by paying them in cash. The goal was simple: invest together and then share the profits. However, unlike other scammers who leave overnight with the funds, Crypto Gouv publicly disclosed the scam to their community before disappearing. Among the 4,000 victims to be deplored, about forty French have decided to file a complaint. The Paris prosecutor has even decided to launch an investigation. For the moment no information has been revealed on the latter.

Medical scam, a new horizon for cryptocurrencies

While most crypto scams involve high-yielding investments and target beginners, some of them target more sensitive sectors. Recently, one of them made medical fraud his playground.

A company called Juicy Fields has offered to buy medical cannabis using crypto transactions. It is also the target of justice. However, this time around, it’s not about consuming the plants. Juicy Fields simply gave the opportunity to own a few plants to get a regular yield. Among the victims, some French have sent their precious cryptocurrencies to the company. First, the monthly installments were paid. Subsequently, customers did not receive the July one.

So, according to the website, a Frenchman would have sent almost 25,000 euros to the company. The higher the investments, the higher the returns. However, after pocketing a juicy jackpot, the Juicy Fields team preferred not to show any signs of life. Something to think about a pyramid system that investors have deserted, preventing other clients from getting their due. The cryptocurrency sector will therefore still be marked by scandals like these.


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