Crypto: the new Listen-to-Earn (L2E) craze.

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Of course, the weather doesn’t look good for the cryptocurrency market. However, the imagination of the fans is not left out. It is in difficult situations that it is possible to appreciate the human ability to recover. There is therefore nothing surprising in the appearance or in the renewal of the concept of Listen to earn that you will discover through the new SoundTopia project (SOUNT).

Listen to Earn: Listen and Earn

Enter the term ” listen to earn on your browser and you will see a list of websites. The latter highlights the guidelines in favor of this practice. A brief overview of these sites will help you understand the principle: to create a community of musicians and music lovers. The interaction will promote the promotion of the artists and generate rewards for them (in bitcoin or Amazon Gift Card).

For fans, the Listen to earnit would be a logical follow-up to Play to earn , Move to earn And Fan to earn which has been praised so much. These are DeFi concepts that make it easier to earn cryptocurrencies. These are exciting new ways to get rich!

Among the projects of Listen to earnthe best known in the industry are Current Media, Audius and Decibel. The latter, a partner of Clubhouse, promises listening and profits in cryptocurrencies for the discussions. Conversely, Current Media (CRNC) encourages people to listen to music.

L2E is a new way to energize the music industry by increasing the revenue of creative artists. Furthermore, it will not have to go through banks and will encourage listeners through attractive assets.

SoundTopia, the newborn of L2E

Discovering the concept of Listen to earn , the developers of SoundTopia wanted to create an authentic music ecosystem. The latter will offer cryptocurrency (SOUNT) rewards to its community based on musical experiences.

Like STEPN, a project by Move to earn(M2E), SoundTopia will only be accessible with an NFT headset. This will allow the listener to listen to music anywhere and earn rewards.

Note that SoundTopia is currently only accessible on the web. The pre-alpha version of its application is nearing completion. For this third quarter of 2022, the company plans a sale of seeds a sale on springboardPinksale, a public sale on Pancakeswap and a listing on CoinGecko and Coinmarketcap. A 4And quarter, the developers have planned the launch of NFT headset sales and the Beta version of the application.

The advantage of SoundTopia is to encourage HODL through a mechanism Hold on to earn. SOUNT holders will be entitled to 3% on each transaction.

In short, we are seeing the emergence of disruptive concepts, such as theListen to earn, able to return the image of the crypto-blockchain universe. Again, crises are temporary and shouldn’t stop bitcoiners and cryptocurrency lovers from moving forward.

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