Cryptocheck needs cryptocurrency enthusiasts willing to shoot it

Web 3 has made ownership of personal data a ground rule. It is therefore not easy to draw a portrait of its users. Unless you politely ask them to provide some information about their practice themselves, that’s the challenge of the Cryptocheck study, of which 20 Minutes is partnering this year.

A study to better understand cryptocurrency

CryptoCheck, which aims to “disclose the world of cryptocurrencies through educational content, training and events”, offers a questionnaire through which it will be possible to draw a new portrait of the cryptocurrency in 2022 in France.

The previous and first study of 2021, having collected more than 3000 responses, this new edition will also allow you to get to know the owners of this currency in France better and to compare with previous results. “Broadly speaking, this study analyzes the portrait of the investor, his portfolio as well as the media and influencers of cryptocurrency in France”, explains Romain Ouzeau, creator of the CryptoCheck blog, “we renew each year to see the evolution of the market. “

Adjustment of the study to the market

New questions will be asked in view of the latest news, in particular that of the “crypto cards”, which will allow you to have a general idea of ​​French opinion on this topic. Compared to the 2021 questionnaire, this year’s study promises to be a little less enthusiastic. “It will be very interesting to see if we meet the same people again or if new profiles emerge. Furthermore, with the recent market downturn, we will be able to see if French investors have changed course by investing elsewhere. “

The questionnaire is open until August 15 and the report will be made public in mid-September. Go here for a commented reading of the results.

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