CryptoPunks, new icons of luxury? Tiffany sells jewelry like no other

Tiffany and the Cryptopunk – This title, worthy of a 90s B series, or even a parody porn movie, is no joke. The famous luxury jewelry brand launches into the NFT.

Your most beautiful NFT around your neck

The writers of “Jayce and the Conquerors of Light” would be jealous of such a cool project (if you don’t know the cartoon, drop the crypto for a few hours and go for it!).

The famous brand of luxury jewelry decided to tickle the souls of NFT collectors offering them to fit their coolest pixelated punk into a pendant. In fact, if you are the proud owner of one of the most famous punks (who said that ugly?) In the NFT world, you can have fun! Your little pixelated work, which is negotiated around the 86ET right now (around $ 140,000) gives you the right to purchase another gorgeous NFT, this time sold by Tiffany.

Once in possession of your wonderful sesame, limited to 250 copies so do not delay, you can request the realization of your famous CryptoPunk in the form of jewelry!
The offer is limited to just 3 copies per person, so if you were thinking of giving one to your whole family for Christmas, start choosing your favorite 3 people right away. Maybe Uncle Jean won’t have a pendant. Congratulations on him, he didn’t get you the train you wanted for your 4th birthday after all. Who likes to get dinosaur socks, frankly?

Another important point before starting, you should know each of these charms will cost you the handsome sum of 30 ETH (over $ 48,000). So yes, choose wisely!

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Luxury punk, isn’t it contradictory?

What will you get at that price?

Tiffany proposes you to reproduce yours as faithfully as possible Cryptopunkin the best materials. Rose, white or yellow gold, with diamonds and other precious stones (at least 30 per pendant), the brand is committed to producing a pendant for you unique (finally maximum in 3 copies of the coup) which is the (almost) exact copy of your favorite punk.

With 87 different attributes and 159 possible colors, there is no doubt that the brand will have to produce precision work in order that your pendant is as similar as possible.

Be careful though, don’t hang around! The campaign launched by company vice president Alexandre Arnault lasts only until 22 August!

This operation, which may seem ridiculous or fantastic, depending on your point of view, demonstrates once again that NFTs are a real gateway to the Web3.

Luxury companies, like Gucci Where is it Christie’s realized that there was a real market in the sector, and will do what is necessary not to lose it. Again, this type of advertising, which grabs the attention of the rich, will help to talk about our ecosystem.
But is it really a good way to do it? Everyone can have their own opinion on this.

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