digital tokens to conquer the sport

In France, the Sorare company has been offering NFTs in the form of player cards for use in a “fantastic football” match with official club licenses since March 2019. fliti

HOW THE NFT PHENOMENON IS SHOCKED IN THE WORLD (1/5) –Contribution to income, attracting a new audience… The sector was immediately seduced by the potential of these assets.

The term “non-fungible token” (NFT in English) made its entrance in the Larousse 2023. If these new technological tools existed before the pandemic, the phenomenon has since grown to reach the general public … and some excess . However, beyond a fashion effect or a marketing discourse, these digital assets are shaping a profound upheaval for many industries.

The world of sport has all the ingredients to be among the first to be shaken by the new technological possibilities offered by non-fungible tokens (NFT). On the one hand, passionate fans, eager to engage more and more in a sport, behind a club or an athlete. On the other hand, rights holders looking for additional revenue and new ways to engage and grow their audience. Between the two, a very rich sports material, which lends itself perfectly to the collection of unique objects and the exchange of values: cards with the effigy of the players, autographed objects …

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