FTX launches new features

While many cryptocurrency companies are filing for bankruptcy due to the cryptocurrency winter, others are moving normally. This is the case with the FTX cryptocurrency exchange, which is one of the best at the moment. The platform has recently been equipped with new features that make it more attractive and pleasant to use.

FTX Crypto Exchange Launches FTX Stock Trading

With a tweet, on August 2nd Brett Harrison briefly introduced the new features offered by FTX. You must know FTX stock trading was launched last week. Thanks to this tool, users can now trade stocks on the FTX cryptocurrency exchange. That said, FTX Stock comes with a number of features like the “Top Stocks” chart. This table allows users to get a real-time idea of ​​the top 50 stocks, ETFs and DR. Rank these different items based on the total volume of transactions.

FTX also offers a simplified pricing table which, together with the Trading View chart, will be very useful for more advanced crypto users. Another function allows you to understand the movements of quantity of certain tokens in a sentence. It’s called “Why Is It Moving”, which means “Because it is movingIt derives the information it provides to users in real time from the Benzinga media specializing in financial news.

Also, now FTX supports fractional actions. The platform offers UI features that make it easy to buy shares as a percentage of your remaining USD balance. It also allows you to have access to up-to-date cryptographic financial data. Likewise, it provides several key data for businesses.

This year, despite the collapse in prices in the cryptocurrency market, FTX has grown a lot. Billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried’s company may be able to outperform big exchanges like Binance, Crypto.com and Coinbase.

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