Gucci now accepts Apecoin payments in its US stores.

exploration web3 high-end brands continue, into the dead of winter crypto. The Gucci brand recently announced the addition of theAPE to the numbers of cryptocurrencies accepted by the maison.

payment Apecoin now available to Gucci customers in the United States

The Italian fashion house is expanding its payment options cryptocurrencies adding Apecoin. Thereby, APE will be available with 12 different digital assets in stores in the United States. It allows customers to make cryptocurrency payments by scanning a code QR with a cryptocurrency wallet via BitPay.

According to the official announcement: “Payments are now being accepted ApeCoin through BitPaySelected Gucci stores in the US are expanding the range of cryptocurrencies available for in-store purchases, another step in exploring the Web3 from the Chamber.

As a reminder, APE is the sign ERC-20 native of the pool BAYC NFTa subsidiary of yuga laboratories. BAYC rises for the first time during the cryptocurrency boom of 2021. The scarcity, the speculation and the hype surrounding the collections NFT attracted some fame. Celebrities like Jimmy Fallon, Paris hiltonSteve OK and actor Seth Green presented theirs NFT Bored ape on social media and on television.

In particular the price of L’APE jumped 15%falling from $ 6.2 to $ 7.2 a few hours after the announcement. Although it has since retreated slightly, the asset remains in the green.

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Gucci in space NFT

The brand entered the market with several partnerships such as super plastic And Super rare. He also launched Gucci Grill in March in collaboration with a project NFT called 10KTF.

Two months later, the company announced plans to accept cryptocurrencies, including five stable coins. As reported, Wooster Street in New York, Rodeo Drive in The bone Angeles, Miami Design District, Phipps Plaza in Atlanta and in stores Crystals in Las Vegas they became the first Gucci stores to integrate the new payment method.

Despite the market downturn, brands are eager to explore the web3. The news comes a few days after the American jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. has announced plans to launch its new collection NFT called NFTiff. The program is aimed specifically at holders of CryptoPunkanother project belonging to the manufacturer of BAYC yuga laboratories.

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