here is the FPS for NFT that wants to bring Call of Duty to its knees

Dadrop, the FPS of a former Twitch star that will include NFT has finally come to light. A game that according to its creator “would break the CoD engine”, here is the result.

Activision-Blizzard can shake! Highly controversial streamer Dr Disrespect has unveiled his FPS at NFT which he intends to compete with Call of Duty Modern Warafare 2 and the like. Here are the first images of the famous Dedrop.

Deaddrop, the NFT FPS that wants to compete with the greats

When streamer Dr Disrespect creates his FPS, he gives Dedrop. A title that openly wants to walk on the tip toes of the greatest of the genre, integrating NFTs in the future. And to sell his game to his community, the former Twitch star didn’t skimp on words. On June 22, the creator of the Midnight Society studio assured with overwhelming confidence that if he showed a picture of Deadtrop “he would blow up the CoD engine”, the engine used for the Call of Duty games. Promise kept? Without a doubt it was Call of Duty Mobile …

The multiplayer PvP FPS has in fact been unveiled, despite being playable for a few select users. And the feedback is mixed to say the least. Dedrop is judged by some to be soulless, rather anonymous. In defense of him, the title led by former Infinity Ward creative Robert Bowling and 343 Industries veteran Quinn DelHoyo has been in development for just 6 months. The studio has in fact defended itself by explaining that it has chosen to offer a playable version soon enough in order to quickly collect mass feedback to “offer the best possible FPS”. Will he be able to compete against Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield and others? We wish him the best of luck.

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