Lost Crypto Assets: James Howells makes a comeback with a new plan

James Howells, who had made himself known for his spectacular loss of his chips, is still working hard to find them.

A colossal plan that proves everything

Losing your crypto assets due to a theft or crypto scam is frustrating. But the phenomenon is even more so if these have been lost due to a reckless mistake. In this category, James Howells won the Palme d’Or in 2013. At the time he had two identical hard drives: one was empty and the other contained nearly 8000 BTC. The first was doomed to collapse but fate decided otherwise. In fact, instead of separating from the empty hard drive, the engineer made the mistake of getting rid of what contained its precious parts. He then became the laughing stock of the entire cryptocurrency sphere, especially since all of his BTCs were worth $ 2 million at the time.

Things got more difficult later on as Bitcoin’s value increased. James Howells’ hard drive is now estimated to hold no less than $ 180 million. What haunts the principal concerned who continues to ask for help to find what is due. The precious object, however, ended up in the landfill of his municipality and the research to be carried out is gigantic. However, nine years after the events, James Howells did not say the last word of him. Understandably, at the time of Bitcoin’s ATH, this hard drive contained no less than $ 552 million.

The latter, in fact, has had time to come up with a new plan that should perhaps help him get his hands on his hard drive. Valued at nearly $ 11 million, he offers to acquire robot dogs. Since the engineer does not have access to the landfill, he will be the one to rummage through the waste. The robots will be accompanied by experts who will carry out the research alongside them and by a sorting machine. This would scan the waste before recovering the ones whose shape approaches the lost hard drive.

For the moment, James Howells has not explained his plan in more detail, nor how it will proceed. The project, if implemented, is expected to last two to three years, hoping Howells does not miss the next Bitcoin bullish cycle. However, it could lose a lot if it fails.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin is slowing down

After a few days of a long-awaited rally, Bitcoin is getting back into its traps. While the little orange coin had risen to $ 24,000, it is now stagnating at around $ 21,000. Enough to question the end of the crypto winter.

Source: CoinMarketCap’s weekly Bitcoin curve

The slowdown in the price of Bitcoin after the hope that has risen in recent days is making the crypto sector a cold sweat. According to Investing.com, the phenomenon is linked to the correlation of BTC with the traditional market, the trend of which leaves something to be desired. Likewise, rising interest rates would also affect curves.

For now, the signs remain gloomy and it would seem unlikely that Bitcoin will drop below $ 20,000 in the long term. Be that as it may, neither the cryptocurrency winter nor this recession is discouraging James Howells from finding his precious coins and, perhaps, seeing them grow when the crisis ends.


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