Lucky Block (LBLOCK V2) listing on MEXC leads to a 300% increase in minutes

On August 1, version 2 of the LBLOCK token was launched on the centralized exchange MEXC, 5 days after its listing on LBank. Once again, the price has soared to become the top spot of the exchange’s top earners with 300% gains during the first hour.

Lucky Block’s LBLOCK token started trading on the MEXC exchange and almost immediately hit an intraday high of $ 0.005.

The price has naturally rolled back over the next few hours and is currently stabilizing at $ 0.0028 on MEXC.

Knowing that similar increases are expected whenever the LBLOCK V2 token is listed on a CEX, the token holds great promise for these holders in the coming weeks. In fact, many listings are provided by Lucky Block.

The CEX MEXC has a large daily trading volume of up to $ 1 billion according to CoinMarketCap. The exchange regularly appears in the Top 20 of CoinMarketCap’s 500 listed exchanges.

Together with the listing on LBank and MEXC, the influx of new traders is contributing significantly to increasing the trading volume of LBLOCK for both versions of the token.

The ERC20 compliant Ethereum-based token is LBLOCK V2. It is compatible with trading at the CEX level. Unlike its predecessor LBLOCK V1, V2 is exempt from transaction tax, but LBLOCK V2 owners cannot benefit from the rewards offered by V1.

How to switch from LBLOCK V1 to LBLOCK V2 for CEX trading?

V1 token holders had the option to transfer their tokens to the LBank exchange through the migration process. However, sending V1 tokens directly to LBank or MEXC will cause the tokens to be lost. V1 is on BNB Chain while V2 is on Ethereum. But new investors can already buy the Lucky Block (LBLOCK) available now on MEXC.

Solution? A bridge!

Lucky Block developers will create a bridge to allow LBLOCK V1 token holders to seamlessly migrate to Ethereum to participate in trading.

The exact date of the bridge’s arrival has not yet been revealed due to continuous safety testing. Certik, which has been approved by Binance, controls the bridge.

Security is paramount due to the number of recently observed vulnerabilities in Blockchain bridges, and Lucky Block wants to ensure that no security measures have been overlooked.

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