Magic Eden opens up to NFTs on Ethereum

magical edenthe market number 1 on NFT Solanaannounce the support for the NFT Ethereum on its platform.

Having established itself in the NFT Solana ecosystem, magical eden indicates, this Tuesday, to take charge of the soon NFT built on Ethereum to offer to multi-channel experience to its users.

The market, which allows you to buy and sell non-fungible tokens, will offer similar characteristics to creators and collectors of NFT Ethereum as its list tool List of magical Edenits launch pad Magic Eden Launchpad and its schedule Calendar of drops of magical Eden.

Over the past 18 months, the NFT SOL and ETH markets have experienced phenomenal growth within their respective communities. Magic Eden aims to bring these two universes together on the belief that the social, cultural and connective utilities of NFTs should be shared across channels, “the startup said in a statement.

Lately, magical eden completed a $ 130 million Series B funding round, pushing the company to the rank of unicorn with a valuation of $ 1.6 billion.

In spring, the number 1 of Ethereum’s NFTs, Offshorehas meanwhile started supporting the NFTs developed on Solana.

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