Minecraft rejects NFTs and could sign his death warrant

Minecraft doesn’t like NFTs, so a company has decided to launch their own video game sandbox.

For several months now, NFTs have been on the rise (except at Bill Gate). If the cases of scams and ethical issues increase, non-fungible tokens have invaded all areas, and in particular that of video games. ON Minecraft in particular, the company NFT Worlds had carved out a small notoriety by selling “seeds”, both codes that allow you to generate worlds in the game, in the form of NFT. A situation that did not please Mojang, the company behind the sandbox title.

Last week Mojang announced its decision to permanently ban NFTs from Minecraft, and more generally all blockchain technologies. In a statement, the developer explained: “NFT integrations with Minecraft are generally not something we allow (…) This includes NFTs associated with any game content including worlds, skins, items or other mods“.

NFT Worlds will create their own Minecraft

Obviously disappointed with the decision made by Minecraft, NFT Worlds described the situation as a “take a step back in innovation“, Even going so far as to incriminate publishers:”Microsoft, Mojang, and Minecraft have reported that they have no consideration for creators, builders, and gamers“.

It does not matter. If Minecraft doesn’t want NFT, just change your game.NFT Worlds has announced the development of a new game and a new platform directly inspired by the mechanics of the Mojang title. However, the company intends to modernize the facility “aging” of Minecraft, while bringing its own stone inside the building, just to avoid a possible lawsuit: “This is not a rewrite of some open source Minecraft clones, which would likely violate the EULA or risk legal action anyway, this is a complete overhaul.“.

Despite the changes promised by NFT Worlds, “the play style, look and feel of the game will be very familiar to Minecraft players, but the game mechanics, graphics, performance optimization and general improvements will make the game experience more accessible and fun“. In addition to integrating blockchain technologies, the game should also be completely free and offer no microtransactions. A “web2 vs web3 battle“believes NFT Worlds, which could very well deal a fatal blow to the cult title of the 2010s.

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