Mojang says no to NFT and blockchain, and that’s good

The fashion of NFT and some blockchain has been trying to spread into the field of video games in recent months, but apart from rare cases, all attempts to introduce this technology have failed very quickly and Ubisoft is not saying otherwise. More and more studies are expressing their skepticism about these practices and we are still waiting to know what some industry giants might think. Mojangwhich is behind Minecraftin the meantime, it has taken a very clear position.

No NFTs in Minecraft

Minecraft It is now much more than a game, it is a platform in its own right that attracts audiences of all ages, and could therefore be particularly fertile ground for everything related to blockchain. It’s easy to see how NFTs might fit in Minecraftbut Mojang is very clear about this, it won’t happen:

Recently, we have received comments from community members asking for clarification and transparency regarding Mojang Studios and Minecraft’s position on NFT (non-fungible tokens) and blockchain. As we are updating our Minecraft Usage Guidelines to offer more specific advice on new technologies, we wanted to take this opportunity to share our opinion that NFT integrations with Minecraft generally aren’t something we will support or allow.

Mojang does not want to fragment the community

Mojang then specifies that he does not want to divide his community, ensuring it everyone can have access to the same content, while NFTs necessarily introduce barriers related to speculation.

The study therefore indicates that the blockchain will not be authorized in its related applications Minecraftand that it is not possible to create mods to use the content Minecraft like an NFT. In other words, Mojang doesn’t like this technology (and we understand it):

The speculative pricing and investment mindset around NFTs distracts attention from the game and encourages profit, which we believe is incompatible with our players’ long-term joy and success. We are also concerned that some third-party NFTs are unreliable and may end up costing the players who purchase them.. “

A speech that we would like to hear from many more publishers (hello Square Enix), but in the meantime it is still reassuring to see that such a giant takes a stand against NFTs.

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