Netflix launches its first NFT collection!

Many companies have decided to launch NFT in the past few months. This is now the case with Netflix, which has just launched its first NFT collection dedicated to Stranger Things, in collaboration with the digital collection company Candy Entertainment.

Credits: Netflix and Candy Entertainment

As you know, many companies have entered the NFT market, these unique non-fungible tokens, digitized and registered on the Blockchain. DC Comics, for example, has launched its NFT sales platform with several Batman collections, or eBay with its NFT collection dedicated to athletes.

The first tweet in history was sold at a high price, for just over $ 2.9 billion. Furthermore, its current owner is now in a stalemate … since its value is around 29 euros.

However, we learn this on Thursday 14 July Netflix in turn launches into the NFT market, in collaboration with the company specialized in digital collections Candy Entertainment. In fact, the number one streaming platform launches today a collection of NFTs dedicated to Stranger Thingsits flagship series, called “The Upside Down Series”.

nft strange things

Netflix launches a collection of Stranger Things NFT specials

These are 17 limited edition posters of your favorite Stranger Things characters, all sold in a mystery box (meaning you won’t know which poster you’ll get until you open the mystery box) for $ 11 each “, Candy specifies in an official blog post.

In addition and for the completists among you, the company also offers 99 Infernal Club Packages (referring to Eddie, Mike, Lucas and Dustin’s D&D club mentioned in Stranger Things season 4) for $ 275 each, which will include theare 17 posters of the different characters of the series. In total, Candy Entertainment will put up for sale 11,111 posters.

In France, sales will start at 20:00 and end at 17:00 July 20 (if all stocks have not been exhausted before). Unsurprisingly, the quantities available vary for each character. So they will have Mike, Lucas, Hopper, Joyce, Max, Steve and Eddie 748 dedicated NFTs, versus 613 for Will, Jonathan, Argyle, Murray or even Robin and Nancy. To get an NFT from Eleven, the central character of the show played by Millie Bobby Brown, we will have to cross our fingers as only 223 NFTs will be available.

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