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The open source blockchain Ternoa (CAPS) is under development. Some of the advances made include the creation of a basic NFT palette and the launch of a secure mainnet. Furthermore, to improve its security, this decentralized blockchain has created a bridge between it and Ethereum (ETH).

The development of Ternoa (CAPS) proceeds.

According to a tweet project team, Phase 2 of the Ternoa Layer 1 Network (CAPS) is progressing well. Among other things, the protocol has a basic NFT palette that allows for the creation of secure and scalable non-fungible tokens. Ternoa recently released a new version of the SDK that will add NFT functions to the network. He also offered a new version of its portfolio. The latter will be used to create, transfer and display NFTs on the Ternoa blockchain (CAPS).

The network is stable, secure, and looks ready to be used for staking. That said, to pay the transaction fees, users will use native CAPS tokens. In addition, a bridge has been implemented between Ethereum and Ternoa to provide greater security to the network. This bridge will allow the reliable transfer of CAPS tokens. Thanks to it, the transfer of funds between the Ethereum and Ternoa networks will become a simple formality.

In addition, Ternoa’s new SDK (CAPS) is a quick and easy software suite for blockchain development. Totally intended for developers, for now it allows interaction with the Ternoa network, balances and accounts.

The French project Ternoa aims to offer secure NFT technology. To do this, it offers its many developers free access to a decentralized and independent ecosystem. It has extensive funding and is supported by a strong, close-knit community.

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