NFT: the first digital championship of French rap is underway

The Yadeck project, which mixes NFT, trading cards and French rap, is about to see the light of day. The platform is presumed to be inspired by the French unicorn Sorare and will soon be available in beta for a handful of users.

Notice to fans of NFT, trading cards and French rap, the Yadeck project will soon be launched in beta. Initially, it will be reserved for a handful of users selected from those who have previously registered on the site.

The Sorare of French rap

Inspired by Sorare, the Yadeck project aims to transpose the French unicorn model into the French rap industry. It will thus be possible to collect artist cards, exchange them, resell them or participate in competitions against other players by constituting a crew of five cards. That is to say that each purchase will be made at auction and that a minimum price will be set for each of the four levels of cards available (collector, supreme, epic, prismatic).

The power and value of rappers’ cards will depend on their ranking in the top albums each week and their certifications. Hence, a rapper like Ninho will have a more powerful card than La Fève. But, like Sorare, it can be interesting to bet on emerging artists who can then explode.

Behind this platform there is a real interest in artists in terms of communication: “They will be able to reach a wider audience, an audience of investors who do not necessarily know the world of rap”explains the CEO of Yadeck. Furthermore, it is also a means to reach royalties for rappers.

A platform with a solid foundation

As for the development of Yadeck, it really started with the investment of two million euros by the Athena Family company. The project then received the support of Amadou Ba and Florian Lecerf, two collaborators of Booska-P, the reference rap media. Finally, Yadeck has established partnerships with Warner Music France (to obtain the rights to its artists, including Hamza, Ninho, SCH and even IAM) and with SNEP (to accurately know artists’ sales and provide key information to players). But the ambition of the project does not stop there: the site also wants to obtain the rights of independent artists, more and more numerous in the current rap scene.

The project should see the light by the end of the year. The CEO said that several cards will be added to the game later, such as beatmaker or former rapper. In the more distant future, Yadeck even wants to conquer the United States.

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