NFTs point to the end of their file:

NFTs are making a timid arrival in the tourism and culture sector. These digital certificates could, however, redefine art by creating new opportunities in air distribution. Overview of the latest reflections and initiatives on the subject.

Funding, sovereignty, public: NFTs shake the codes of the cultural world

Beyond the speculative side, NFT, these blockchain-based digital certificates present many opportunities for the cultural world. This is what Godefroy Jordan, President of StartingDot and an entrepreneur in the digital sector for 25 years, considers. With its Twineva service, the entrecovery supports cultural institutions, foundations, museums and artists to address the challenges of NFT-related political, legal, financial and marketing sovereignty. Interviewed by, he explains how NFTs will upset the codes of the cultural world.

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How can the hospitality industry benefit from NFTs?

Could NFTs or “non-fungible tokens” have an impact on the hospitality market? And if so, what would the use cases be? The consulting firm Hotel Mogel imagines what the hotel market could look like if it used NFT.

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How do museums conquer Web3?

NFT, blockchain, Web3, cryptocurrencies … All these hot topics are no strangers to cultural institutions looking to experiment with new ways of selling tickets, serving their missions or organizing exhibitions. The participants in the round table on the Web3 within the SITEM exhibition presented all their initiatives and reflections on these issues.

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NFTs are coming to Instagram

Instagram has just announced the arrival of NFTs in the main feed of the social network through a new publishing category. The feature is currently being tested in the United States.

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NFT Museum, the first museum dedicated to digital art

A new type of museum has opened in Seattle (United States). Entirely dedicated to NFT, the establishment will present original digital works.

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Does the fall of cryptocurrencies (already) mark the end of NFTs?

While several major voices in the economy are raising their warnings against cryptocurrencies, many people are warning of NFT scams. At the same time, the “works” and non-fungible tokens have lost more than half of their value. Are cryptocurrencies the economy of tomorrow? What if the NFT market disappeared as quickly as it appeared? Joint interview with Godefroy Jordan, President of Starting Dot and Guillaume Dejean, Senior Macro Analyst at Western Union.

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