Pando Asset is the first Crypto ETP on SIX Swiss Exchange


ZURICH, August 3, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Pando Asset, the fifth new crypto ETP issuer to join SIX Swiss Exchange this year, has captured the market’s attention since its listing on July 27. To be the first crypto ETP listed on Pando Asset’s SIX Swiss Exchange, since 3 AugustPando Asset crypto 6 ETP closed in $ 21.66up to 9.78% growth over the issue price of $ 19.73traded under the Bloomberg symbol “PNDS”.

Pando Asset is domiciled in Swiss and is built by a group of professionals from the financial sector, blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency space, such as Huobi Group, 21 Shares AG and Deutsche Boerse AG. Pando Asset has partnered with the largest cryptocurrency custodian Coinbase and is fully 100% guaranteed. Highlighted by Junfei Renpartner of Pando Asset, said: “The mission of Pando Asset is to enable investors to participate securely, easily and efficiently in crypto assets without worrying about the risks of private key storage and systematic security issues. This builds trust and provides the perfect gateway for both new and traditional institutional investors to become key players in this new era of cryptocurrencies.

The Pando Asset Crypto 6 ETP primarily tracks the Vinter Pando crypto basket 6 index, which offers investors the opportunity to participate in the performance of a basket of digital assets made up of the largest smart contract assets by market capitalization. Investors can buy or redeem the ETP at the same real-time price as Coinmarketcap through their brokerage accounts during normal trading hours on the SIX Swiss Exchange.


Currently, the index contains the six largest crypto assets by market capitalization. The index is rebalanced quarterly and weighted to allow investors to diversify, focus and prevent the two most important assets from dominating the basket. Digital assets are stored in cold storage at the classified and regulated institutional custodian. Along with other security measures such as authorizing multiple signatures, whitelist addresses and audit trails, the Pando6 ETP is designed to provide investors with a fully secured product to invest in.

With the arrival of Pando Asset, Christian Reusshead of SIX Swiss Exchange, said: “I am delighted to see that our growing market for ETFs and ETPs has attracted the fifth new cryptocurrency issuer this year. A warm welcome to Pando Asset, which has just offered its basket of crypto ETPs on our exchange. “

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