Self-construction offers a new way to use cryptocurrency mining

A curious building dedicated to cryptocurrencies is expected to open its doors in Argentina soon. This is based on a new way of using cryptocurrency mining on a daily basis.

When cryptocurrency mining becomes your daily ally

Cryptocurrency mining is struggling to regain its acclaim following the crisis and ecological concerns that are shaking the industry. As for the professional miners, they continue to cry out their anguish. A project that should see the light in Argentina, on the other hand, proposes to integrate cryptocurrency mining into everyday life.

Titled Next Pampa 2.0, this focuses on building buildings that are eco-friendly, affordable, and fully cryptocurrency-based. A first prototype is already under construction in the Belgrano neighborhood of Buenos Aires. Equipped with a swimming pool, restaurant and sports facilities, the building in question insists on the autonomy it will bring to its inhabitants. An autonomy in which cryptocurrencies play a very important role.

If non-fungible tokens were to serve as decoration and thus allow places to transform often, cryptocurrency mining is not ruled out. It is also one of the main pillars of the project. Indeed, this is what should bring the whole building to life. Initially, the inhabitants should be remunerated from the income of the farm installed in the basement. The collected Bitcoins could therefore also be used to pay for electricity, water and various expenses for the proper maintenance of the building.

A project that is not really economic or ecological?

However, one negative point remains to be noted: income will not be the same for all inhabitants. According to the official website of Next Pampa 2.0, BTC will be donated based on the share owned by natural persons. In other words, the more mining units a person owns from the farm, the more they will be paid. A proposal that is far from responding to the principle of equality desired by the crypto sphere. The richer neighbors could then easily outrun the more modest ones, or even drive the price of mining shares up.

Likewise, ecological concerns have not escaped the project designers. According to them, cryptocurrency mining as proposed will not be harmful to the environment. The mining farm will in fact be powered by solar panels. As for the heat produced by the units, it will be reused to heat the various common areas of the building. What to cringe as it will mean the inhabitants will still have to get electricity outside.

The building’s electricity consumption also appears to be one of the biggest negative points of this initiative. Although the use of solar panels is indicated, it seems unlikely that these are sufficient to power an energy-intensive Bitcoin mining farm, as well as the building’s other electrical needs. As for the NFTs that will serve as decoration, they will also need energy to be projected. Finally, the Next Pampa 2.0 project could quickly consume more energy than traditional homes.


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