Terra draws the ire of her community with a new rewards program

Terra has nothing to do with its difficulties and has just announced brand new initiatives that are already starting to cause scandal.

A reward for the commitment of new members

The Earth ecosystem is not doing well after the collapse of its main stablecoin. Do Kwon’s various escapades also contribute to discrediting the whole. However, despite the community’s pleas for him, the Earth team continues to grow the project. The second edition of USTerra is the receptacle.

In a Twitter post on August 2, Terra’s community managers announced the implementation of new functions within the ecosystem. Thanks to the alliance with the company MetricsDAO, members of the Earth community will now benefit from free technical analysis and educational resources.

Source: Terra Project Twitter account

Even more surprisingly, Terra’s announcement is part of a rewards program for community members. In a post announcing the new features, the team appears to be referring to a reward program for contributors instead. The offer should appeal to those who might attract new members.

Terra and MetricsDAO community contributors are evaluating requests for analysis, which will be turned into rewards. When analysts join the rewards program, they create posts that invite users to learn about the network and new protocols. Rewards for contributors and other bonuses (in LUNA) are delivered into the hands of community members, activating new members and retaining participants.

Excerpt from Terra’s post on new ecosystem features

No information is provided on the amount of the premiums. Will users who engage more members be rewarded more? As for the origin of the funds that will be used for payments, they do not stop worrying older investors.

Earth community members are increasingly concerned

Despite Terra’s apparent progress, opinions remain mixed. If fans of the project seem happy with the renewal brought about by the resilience of traders, others see it with evil eye. Most of them, former investors in USTerra, are still waiting for their funds to be returned.

Not everyone likes the strategy of attracting new investors through a rewards program. For example, some Internet users seem to think that the arrival of new members would simply save the ecosystem. In the event of a new crisis, the death toll would be catastrophic.

As for those who expect the return, they fear that the money held by Terra will only be used to pay the rewards. Users who have been injured for several months are therefore unsatisfied, still awaiting reimbursement. Unless, of course, bonuses replace it.

Source: Terra Project Twitter account

The announcement of new features is therefore perceived as an affront. This should once again obscure the sad picture painted by the project.


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