The best Forex professionals to follow on social media

Social media has become one of the most trusted sources of information for areas that need up-to-date data on their markets, such as trading. With that in mind, we’ve selected our favorite Forex experts to follow on social media who will provide you with fresh, up-to-date and effective advice and analysis on how you can become a better trading professional. business.

Rudy Havenstein

Rudy Havenstein’s tweets exude a mixture of wit and charm that makes his ideas provocative and interesting. His supporters celebrate his in-depth and detailed analysis of issues such as inflation and its economic effects, as well as the monetary policies of the Central Bank. His narrative is also filled with memes and the occasional dose of dark humor.

Kathy Link

If you are interested in the more technical aspects of trading, Kathy Lien is the perfect expert to follow. On her Twitter page you will find both technical and fundamental analysis, focusing on analyzing Forex signals and outlining effective trading strategies. She focuses on EUR and USD, so she often shares relevant information about these currencies. Don’t expect anything trivial from this account, so you will definitely appreciate her serious point of view of her.

Pierre L Brandt

Brandt is a veteran of the trade: he has been doing it since 1975, providing immense value along the way with his intellectual and engaging contents. With over half a million followers, he is one of the foremost figures in Forex, offering exceptional value to traders of all skill levels. If you enjoy reading charts and analyzing the technical side of Forex, you will find a lot of advice on the principles of charting. By following Brandt on social networks, you will also be informed psychological aspects of trading.

John Bollinger

This expert is responsible for creating Bollinger bands, which are a technical indication tool used by traders around the world to analyze whether a market condition is excess or excess. This amazing statistical chart was developed in the 1980s, never rested on its laurels and continues to be a valuable resource in the community to this day. John’s Twitter account offers a lot of useful information on Forex and cryptocurrency, providing brilliant technical analysis for traders.

Jamie Saettele

Saettele is one of those experts who has an amazing track record and loves to share his knowledge with the world. He likes to do webinars and live streams where he explores different trading strategies and applies them to market conditions in real time. His wisdom is widely exhibited on this platform, giving his viewer a taste of his genius and his mastery. If you want to get a glimpse of an expert doing what he loves most while learning from it, then this is the story to follow.

Josh Brown

Many consider Josh Brown to be the biggest trading influencer. Given his large following and his vast influence, Brown is a man of superlatives that many hail as a true legend. His millions of followers are always on the lookout for advice, insight and analysis on a wide range of topics, from finance and Forex, to politics and energy. Other experts may know more than he does, but it’s the way he delivers content from him that sets him apart. Her social skills and his charisma are certainly extraordinary, so if you follow Josh, not only do you acquire his wisdom, a surprise awaits you too.

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