The most unusual stories about cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies may be new to some of us, but they have been around for some time and their success is enormous. We will look at some unusual stories together as well spectacular related to the field of cryptocurrencies. While these are great success stories, there is no guarantee that you will have the same success, so let’s read this article with a little distance. As with any investment, the risk is present, but the hope is immense too!

  • 1. Javed Khan took a small risk to invest just enough to buy a Bentley

In 2018, when the bitcoin value was around $ 3,000, Javed Khan started using cryptocurrency because it was easier to transfer money that way. However, he noticed one thing: as soon as he left a bitcoin aside, his price immediately went up. In 2020 he finally cashed in the accumulated bitcoins and bought himself a Bentley!

  • 2. Daniel Crocker bought a house after investing and holding rooms for 8 years

In 2012, when Daniel was working as an apprentice in an IT company, he was chatting with his colleagues, because he wanted to earn some extra money. When he heard about bitcoin, Daniel decided to invest in it. He kept these coins for 8 years, as their value kept increasing. Last year he sold some of those rooms for half the deposit on the new house he bought!

  • 3. Jeremy Gardner became a millionaire at the age of 30

Gardner saw an opportunity in cryptocurrency when he realized that anyone with an internet connection could send money to someone else. In 2013 he started investing in bitcoin. She turned most of her savings and his stock into cryptocurrency investments and with rising prices, her shares of him made him a millionaire at 30.

  • 4. Kane Ellis, an Australian entrepreneur, started mining bitcoins in 2010 when they cost only $ 1.60

Ellis may have started a tech consulting firm, Nerd Herd, when he was 18, but his biggest investment is still bitcoin, which he mined in 2010. You see, years later, when he sold a small portion of the coins he had. mined through bitcoin mining, they allowed him to purchase a $ 200,000 Maserati.

  • 5. Kristoffer Koch forgot the bitcoin he mined in 2009 for $ 26 before pocketing $ 886,000

In 2009, Kristoffer was busy writing his master’s thesis on cryptographic technologies at his university in Norway, where he discovered bitcoin. Curious to know what he was, he decided to spend about $ 26, which bought him 5,000 bitcoins, at a time when bitcoin cost nothing. When he cashed out some of his investment, after hearing about bitcoin on the news a few years later, he realized he had become a millionaire!

  • 6. Erik Finman bet his parents he wouldn’t have to go to college if he became a millionaire at 18.

In 2011, Erik Finman was only 12 when he received a generous $ 1,000 gift from his grandmother who he spent entirely on cryptocurrency mining. This paid off for him as bitcoin was valued at $ 1,200 a few years later. Erik used this money to start an online education business called Botangle. Bontangle attracted the interest of investors who offered to buy the company for $ 100 or 300 bitcoins. Erik has chosen bitcoins again. How come ? Because he made a bet with his parents: if he were a billionaire at 18, he wouldn’t need to go to college. He in the end he did it!

Nobody knows who Mr. Smith really is, but his story is legendary. While he works in the Silicon Valley in 2010 it invested $ 3,000. Since the price of bitcoin was only 15 cents at the time, this means that he owned nearly 20,000 bitcoins. Three years later, with the price rising 10% or more every day, he sold 2,000 coins when the price reached $ 350. When the price reached $ 800 a few days later, he sold another 2,000 coins. She had already won $ 2.3 million and embarked on an exceptional journey.

Cryptocurrencies therefore open up a world of possibilities. It may not be too late to try your luck, because the price of bitcoin, in particular, continues to rise, see for yourself on the KuCoin platform.

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