This interactive map shows you the most famous person born in your city

A map designer has posted a globe on which we find the most famous historical, political, sporting or cultural figure, born in his municipality. The number of towns and villages listed is impressive.

A good plan to kill the lost hours: find the most famous people for every municipality in the world. Topi Tyukanov, geographer and designer of Mapbox, has designed an interactive map (you can find it here) with the most famous character, living or deceased, in every city, village, on this planet. A person’s contribution to society to be considered noteworthy can vary depending on many factors. Each name on the map was determined using a combination of information extracted from Wikipedia and Wikidata.

The determining criteria for the choice of each person are:

  • The length, which is the total number of words found in a biography.
  • The average number of consultations for each individual between 2015 and 2018.
  • The number of non-missing items retrieved from Wikipedia or Wikidata by date of birth, gender, and area of ​​influence. The idea here is that the more remarkable the individual is, the more his biographies will be documented.
  • The total number of external links (sources, references, etc.) from Wikidata.
The south of Paris and its suburbs Source: Mapbox

The most famous characters reappear on the map and there are a myriad of new figures zooming in on each municipality. With this initiative we (re) discover a bit of history and also remember that some historical, political or cultural figures were born in places that we did not suspect, such as Freddie Mercury in Zanzibar.

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