I have been living on my trading for 6 years now.

When I went to Thailand in 2013,

I was generating around € 2000 a month in trading and had around € 10,000 savings.

Today, I am 27 years old, my trading income fluctuates between € 10,000 and € 25,000 per month (on my 2 main trading accounts) applying my PXTR trading method.

This five-figure monthly income allows me to live a certain lifestyle and enjoy life, as I show you in my latest video.

If I could multiply my average monthly profit by more than 10 over 6 years,

This is because I have reinvested my earnings month after month,

and therefore my trading capital has increased significantly.

These results were also possible because I optimized my trading strategy to carry out trades with a high earning potential.

In the new version of my PXTR trading course,

I teach you:

  • The 2 set-ups that I exchange daily

  • The exact method I apply in the Forex market

  • Analysis of student (and mine) exchanges.

  • The method that allows you to reinvest your profits and explode your return on investment

It is by strictly applying the PXTR strategy that I live my life as an expat trader in Thailand and that allows me to have this lifestyle.

This lifestyle as an independent trader allows me to lead a comfortable life and to trade from anywhere in the world, to please myself and those around me, to buy “toys” (the ones in the video for example) … but also to put some money aside.

I let you imagine the possibilities that could be offered to you with such returns on investments 🙂

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