+ 40% for the future cryptocurrency of Instagram: the FLOW explodes

NFTs take control of Instagram – Marc Zuckerberg and his teams have been observing the crypto ecosystem for several years. After trying to create a currency for Facebook and its other apps, Zuckerberg is now tackling NFT. Good news for Flow, which has just been integrated into Instagram.

Instagram and NFT: a budding love story

Since 2018 Marc Zuckerberg, the head of Facebook, instagram or Whatsappclosely monitor the crypto ecosystem.

So, he first tried to become part of the ecosystem by embarking on the monetary creation. The stablecoin project Libra then emerged. This stablecoin will become diembefore project is abandoned early 2022.

Finally Meta will have succumbed to the singing of the NFTs, whose enthusiasm has continued to grow throughout the year 2021.

Thus, in parallel with the announcement of Diem’s ​​demise, Meta gradually leaked information suggesting that the NFT would be integrated into Instagram.

Finally, on May 9, Meta launched a pilot program that allows a NFT handpicked Instagram users.

Now, Mark Zuckerberg wants to take a quantum leap by unveiling the distribution of the function in one hundred countries around the world. It also takes the opportunity to announce “new integrations with Coinbase and Dapper”.

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A mention of Dapper from Instagram and the FLOW flies away

A mention of Dapper Labs was enough for the course of cryptocurrency TO FLOW explodes from 40%passing $ 1.86 Over $ 2.6.

So, in addition to NFT fromEthereum you hate Solana, Flow’s NFTs will also be available on Instagram. An integration that was already announced during the pilot launched in May and will now be available to network users in 100 countries.

Dapper Labs is in fact the company behind one of the first NFT phenomena mentioned on Ethereum: the Cryptocats. Recall that these collectible cats invaded Ethereum in late 2017, causing significant congestion on the network.

Faced with this serious scalability problem, the Dapper Labs teams decided to consider building their own blockchain. Here’s how the Blockchain flowcreated specifically for NFTs.

Scroll the blockchain to and from the creators of NFT

As we have just seen, To flow was created by Dapper Labs following the frustration encountered during the launch of CryptoKitties.

In practice, the Flow blockchain ensures its consent thanks to the Proof of Stake. Where most PoS blockchains have two different nodes, i.e. validator nodes and full nodes, Flow has revisited this model by offering 4 different types of nodes, allowing for greater adaptation to NFTs:

  • 1. Collection nodes: aim to improve network connectivity and data access for decentralized applications, including data related to NFT;
  • 2. Consent nodes: that will give priority to the order of transactions;
  • 3. Execution nodes: who is responsible for the execution of the operations;
  • 4. Verification nodes: which verify the transactions performed by the execution nodes.
Types of nodes and their interactions.
Types of nodes and their interactions.

Plus, bulk rewards aren’t limited to validation nodes. Therefore, each of the four node types allows for the generation of FLOW tokens.

This blockchain found itself in particular in the spotlight after hosting the NFT “NBA Top Shot” project. A colorful project that has generated more than a billion dollars in volume since its launch.

More recently, the project announced improve its decentralization by reducing the number of validator nodes owned by the company Dapper Labs. Now, the project teams only own 32% of the nodes.

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