All cryptocurrency exchanges are under investigation by the US SEC.

Recently, an official in the office of US Senator Cynthia Lummissaid the SEC is launching an investigation into every cryptocurrency exchange in the United States. Attorney John E. Deaton may have correctly predicted that SEC Chairman Gary people it is likely that it will pursue another exchange this year.

people address all exchanges cryptocurrencies

With the statement of a staff member of the office of US Senator Cynthia Lummis, all The US stock exchanges are therefore the subject of an investigation by the SEC. In a recent tweet, the attorney for XRPJohn E. Deatonreaffirmed its earlier statement that the SEC is likely to pursue another swap this year.

I’m saying the SEC will sue a stock exchange or more than one. The SEC is likely to choose 2-4 exchanges that each sells 5-10 of the same tokens that the SEC claims are securities. There may be a complaint against several defendants.

The SEC investigation the listing of securities not registered by Coinbase is already known. Also, SEC Chairman Gary peopleis looking for additional charges on the exchange of crypto. Previous reports also show that the SEC allegedly investigatedinitial offer of Binance of its cryptocurrency token Binance Angle (BNB) in 2017.

Additionally, the SEC claims that most cryptocurrencies are securities. The regulator falls under the jurisdiction of the commission. Gary people stated in early June this year that all cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin are securities.

A bill that puts the CFTC as the main regulator of cryptocurrencies

Additionally, the US Senate has so far introduced two bipartisan cryptocurrency bills, both of which claim. the CFTC has jurisdiction over cryptocurrencies. However, both bills are unlikely to pass this year.

As a reminder, it was “regulation by application”. criticized by Caroline Phamcommissioner of Goods Futures trading commission (CFTC)legislators and experts in crypto.

Cinzia’s collaborator Lummis believes that the United States Congress will eventually choose the CFTC to regulate the sector crypto if the dispute is not resolved internally. Former SEC director William hinmanhe said that “theEthereum it is not a title It is also one of the strong pieces of evidence in SEC v. Ripple.

Bonus: Thailand will begin testing its CBDC in retail this year.

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