An NFT sold at auction to turn tokens into cyber harassment

NFTs will not solve cyberbullying problems. But they can help finance the associations that fight them. For the auction of its most prestigious non-fungible token on July 22nd, 20 minutes has chosen a committed beneficiary: E-Enfance. The proceeds from the sale of his NFT typewriter no. 20 will in fact help finance the substantial work carried out by this association, which since 2007 has been protecting and warning young people from the dangers of the Internet.

still unknown

Recognized as a public utility, E-Enfance is still too little known by the French. Despite a highly developed platform capable of advising and helping victims of cyberbullying, it struggles to establish itself. “That’s why we need the media to give us more visibility”, says Justine Atlan, director of the association.

“We live on the web more than ever today and it is really important to raise awareness among all French people. We are a team of about thirty people who travel all over France, but that’s not enough. “

In its infancy, E-Enfance aimed to “protect young people from pornography. Social networks were not yet developed enough at that time. The structure naturally followed the evolution of the Internet. E-childhood now collaborates with government, justice and social networks in order to take effective action against online harassment cases.

Help with procedures

3018 is the number made available to help the victims, it is also possible to reach the association via e-mail and Messenger. Or on the association’s mobile application, which offers an instant chat to collect in particular attachments (screenshots for example) needed in certain procedures. “The attachments are kept in a safe. If a situation concerns an offensive post published on social networks, E-Enfance turns to the French structure of the social network to submit a request for cancellation. The post is deleted on average one hour after the request. “

“Of course young people come to us, but more often than not it is the worried parents who turn to us for advice. For example, which cell phone to choose for your teenager, how to protect him well from the dangers of the Internet, etc. »The team is made up of health and legal professionals to ensure comprehensive and effective support. In addition to providing online assistance, the association offers training or participates in awareness campaigns, both at school and professionally.

The looming Web 3 will not make the needs in this sector disappear. For this 20 Minutes took advantage of the Non Fungible Auction organized by Blackpool, the most prestigious of NFT’s charity auctions, to sell one of its virtual typewriters for the benefit of E-Enfance. It will take place in Paris on July 22nd at the end of the afternoon and will be broadcast … online. Because while the Web can be toxic, it is also a valuable tool. Buy a token rather than throwing the baby out with the bath water, the proposal deserves your attention …

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