Bitcoin and Cryptos Still Attractive to Traders: The Contrarian Report

Cryptocurrencies are still popular – Despite financial speculation and falling prices in the cryptocurrency market, theadoption of bitcoin in the real economy and its genre continues. From the part of Merchants accepting crypto payments, the potential for attraction of this new form of money seems to have been fully understood.

Accepting Bitcoin: a good way to attract new customers

Companies, even among the largest, are more and more to accept cryptocurrency payments. And they have good reasons for doing so.

A report entitled “Pay with cryptocurrency” (Where “Pay with cryptocurrencies”) was recently released following investigations by the cryptocurrency processor BitPayin collaboration with the economic information media PIMNTI.

These surveys were conducted with 202 traderswith annual online sales of at least $ 250 million, plus 2,334 consumers. Suffice it to say right away that they give heart balm in this dark period of the cryptocurrency market.

Already 23% of consumers interviewed socket or have held cryptocurrencies in the past 12 months. In the same poll, but 1 year agothey were not only 12%. Not surprisingly, Bitcoin (BTC) And Ethereum (ETH) are the 2 most popular cryptocurrencies.

The most used and known cryptocurrencies by consumers. – Source:

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Merchants prefer cryptocurrencies to bank fees

As for traders, we understand this mass adoption In progress. Indeed, 85% of huge online retail companies (over $ 1 billion in annual revenue) claim to innovate by adding crypto payments to win new customers.

More globally, 82% of its e-merchants have now fully assimilated the fact that Bitcoin and altcoin make this possible eliminate intermediaries between them and their customers. It must be said that these professionals do not appreciate the exorbitant cost of bank fees or commissions from payment service providers, such as PayPal. Moreover, 77% some merchants appreciate this latter fact reduced transaction costs.

“Merchants typically pay around 1% for cryptocurrency transaction processing, which is lower than the 1.5-3.5% average fees charged by credit card payment processors and other payment methods. .. “

Extract from the report

This adoption cryptocurrencies for the purchase of goods and services it seems always growingdespite strong price fluctuations. Will this be enough? multinationals highly visible to the general public are starting to sell their cryptocurrency products? Or rather they will (re) begin sell for bitcoin, as in the case of Tesla and Elon Musk.

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