Bounce to follow the lower limit of the trading range

Abandoned in the short term by traders because it is considered defensive, the stock could find interest to buy at the lower limit of its trading range.


Back in the lower part of its range, we can position ourselves to buy near the support to aim for the upper limit of the trading range which also corresponds to the symbolic price level of € 100.


In this context, the most active investors will bet on this bullish scenario (call) by positioning on the turbo Call, issued by BNPPARIBAS and ticker code FRBNPP04BNW8, on SANOFI, at € 1,190.

They will take their profits when the underlying reaches € 100,000 or limit their losses by selling the turbo on a breakout of € 92,160.

It should be borne in mind that in the face of a very high leverage effect, if the underlying reaches the knock-out barrier of 85 euros (purple line), the capital loss is total.

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