Chainalysis launches a new subsidiary to fight cryptographic fraud

The policeman and the thief – The world of cryptocurrencies is often – wrongly – associated with money laundering. Although, we are not naive, it is no longer present in the decentralized finance compared to traditional finance. However, more and more governments are adopting blockchain technologies. In this sense, Chainalysis will offer a government solutions program to help institutions fight fraud. Explanations.

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Chainalysis: the crypto policeman in the service of the government

Chainalysis has created a new branch Government chain analysis solutions. In a blog post, the company confirms that this new branch will bring:

  • Of the data analysis tools on chain;
  • from competent staff and educate to investigate with federal agents;

Yet, according to the press release, this cooperation it seems essential for governments. In fact, they wouldn’t technically be able to investigate the blockchain. Moreover, limited by their own aptitudes, the US federal staff taken, for example, would not have the necessary knowledge for this type of investigation … So, for example, 75% of employees public sector respondent declaring not be ready And informed to combat cryptographic incidents.

The solutions offered to support investigators will cover all types of fraud: ransmoware, phishing attacks and many more.

Thus Chainalysis continues to position itself in the real blockchain policeman, guarantor of safety, is becoming a recognized player worldwide. The company also confirms that it is increasing the size of its business in the face of this recent-driven success fundraising of $ 179 million in May 2022. Now evaluated at $ 8.6 billionthe blockchain sheriff will continue to play cops and thieves around the world to do sohelp governments.

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