CME Group Launches First Cryptocurrency / EUR Futures Offering

The CME group has once again shown its interest with a futures offer aimed at Europe, with a slight adjustment, however.

Cryptocurrencies and the stock market: a must?

Futures are one of the preferred solutions for investors who wish to speculate on the price of cryptocurrencies. Thanks to futures contracts, many enthusiasts can pocket profits on the price of Bitcoin.

The American group CME, the main futures exchange, has been interested in digital assets for some time by offering different offers or indices based on different tokens. The company has just launched a contractual offer that combines Bitcoin, Ethereum, and fiat currency. Offered in pairs BTC / Euro or ETH / Euro, these are intended as a derivative of the possibilities that already exist in dollars.

Continued uncertainty in cryptocurrency markets, coupled with the robust growth and deep liquidity of our existing Bitcoin and Ether futures contracts are creating greater demand for risk management solutions from institutional investors outside the United States. Our Bitcoin Euro and Ether Euro futures will provide clients with precise tools to trade and hedge exposure to the two largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Statement by Tim McCourt, Head of CME Group in a statement

Source: Twitter account of the CME group

Limited to around fifty ETH and 5 BTC per contract, the futures offered by CME could pave the way for other offerings that combine cryptocurrency and market cap. It would therefore seem that, in order to be accepted, the cryptocurrency must ally itself with the more traditional system.

Finally, we must not forget the risk that those who invest in futures run. Their assets are frozen throughout the contract with a low probability of making money.

The return of speculation on the market?

Despite the efforts that appear to have been made on both the industry side and traditional markets to coexist, the CME group’s offering testifies to an irritating phenomenon for cryptocurrencies. Indeed, these futures contracts demonstrate the persistent presence of speculation.

The latter did a lot of damage during the cryptocurrency winter and is coming back stronger as the digital asset economy is just starting to recover from the crisis. The purification does not seem completely finished. As for speculation, it would seem that the residual scourge of the crypto sector remains. The appearance of a new bubble therefore seems inevitable in the future, unless a new electric shock arrives to shake the community again. All actors and enthusiasts can do is prepare themselves as best they can for future twists.


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