Crypto: Dogecoin (DOGE) Scam Alert.

Sat 30 Jul 2022 ▪ 18:00 ▪

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Yesterday the Dogecoin community issued a new warning against plans for rip-offs. Apparently, the latter claims to be related to the memecoin or its explorer Among the most dangerous is Dogechain.

A succession of warnings on Dogecoin

The ink with which we wrote Dogecoin’s last warning he consIt has not dried yet, here it is, a new DOGE notice is sweeping the social networks.

Recently, on July 27, Mishaboar tweeted the following message:

IMPORTANT: Dear #Dogecoin, stay away from these new chains that come your way. These parties – and the influencers who partner with them – try to convince you to put your Dogecoin in their bridge and chain, then under their complete control, in exchange for a worthless token.

So, to all DOGE holders, don’t make the mistake of putting your belongings in such a ” bridge “Because most Dogecoin counterfeits have no future but the he cons.

In a recent tweet, a Dogecoin warning was intended to warn its holders of impostors.

There have been a lot of tokens over the past nine years that have come and gone quickly. 1 Docgecoin = 1 Dogecoin, and there is only one Dogecoin, which is the blockchain, and which is not directly associated with any token. Beware of impostors!

Red card for Dogechain!

It was again Mishaboar who, on July 28, noted this on his bulletin board:

Note: this “Dogechain” thing has nothing to do with the good old explorer In fact, it hijacks the reputation of a well-known service, which makes things more confusing for the distracted shibe. #Dogecoin.

To say that the people behind these projects of rip-offs they seem so adept at their game, to the point of eventually depriving their victims of all the value of their possessions.

Some influencers like Vee have not hesitated to amplify Dogecoin’s alerts with tweets. Here’s what he posted on July 28:

New problem here with Dogechain. @RichDevX found that the company behind Dogechain, LDA, has been banned from operating. The company was suspended on 1uh July 2021 and currently everything they do using this company is illegal.

Unfortunately, you don’t kill a snake by simply cutting off its tail.

The screenshot shared yesterday by CalisCihan speaks volumes about the admission of bankruptcy of the founder and developer of Dogechain, still in 2021.

Also, keep in mind that other projects have already leveraged Dogecoin’s popularity to profit from it. We will mention among others TeddyDoge (TEDDY) or DogeMother. Therefore, notice to DOGE holders if you intend to take advantage of the next one running of the bull, so close, put your goods in a safe place. And most importantly, follow Dogecoin’s warnings about these scams.

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