Cryptocurrency Price Prediction: Litecoin, Cardano and Bitcoin – American Wrap July 20

Bitcoin price prediction: greed for smart money vs fear of retail

The price of bitcoin continues to recover as the slope of the uptrend increases. On July 20, 2022, the price of Bitcoin successfully validated the previous bullish trade setup. Although retail traders may still be in disbelief regarding the bullish trend, the market offers profitable opportunities for those willing to commit.

Breaking: Litecoin’s price breaks out!

Litecoin’s price broke an upward triangular consolidation. If the technical data is correct, a rally to $ 70 is underway. Litecoin price is currently trading at $ 60.21 as the bulls have set a new monthly high with a large bullish candle. The invalidation of the uptrend could be a break below the $ 55 triangle.

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Because Cardano’s price wrote “I told you so” all over the place

Cardano’s price has been a good cryptocurrency to trade in the past few weeks. On July 8, during Bitcoin’s initial rally, a bearish forecast was released warning Cardano traders of a possible liquidity hunt in the $ 0.40 area. The trade setup worked in favor of the bears, with the Cardano price falling 12% in the $ 0.40 area.

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